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  1. May 06, 2022 · The underlying index is designed to represent the performance of the broad Norway equity universe. The fund is non-diversified. Benchmark: MSCI Norway IMI 25/50 NR USD Fund Details Fund Type...

  2. May 03, 2022 · The index is designed to measure the performance of the large-, mid- and small-capitalization segments of the Norwegian equity market. The underlying index uses a capping methodology that limits the weight of any single “group entity” to a maximum of 25% of the index weight. The fund is non-diversified.

    • Open Ended Investment Company
    • 23 Jan 2012
    • Market Cap: MidInvestment Style: Blend
    • Miscellaneous Region
  3. May 10, 2022 · 1. Exposure to a broad range of companies in Norway. 2. Targeted access to Norwegian stocks. 3. Use to express a single country view. INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE. The iShares MSCI Norway ETF seeks to track the investment results of a broad-based index composed of Norwegian equities.

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  4. May 04, 2022 · Norwegian Krone / Swedish Krona FX Updated May 4, 2022 10:00 PM. NOKSEK 1.0528 0.0000 (0.0000%). 99

    • What Is The Norwegian Krone (NOK)?
    • Understanding The Norwegian Krone
    • History of The Krone
    • Economic Impact on The Nok's Value
    • Example of Norwegian Krone

    The Norwegian krone (NOK) is the official currency of Norway. Its regulation and circulation are controlled by the country's central bank, the Norges Bank. The bank has issued a total of eight series of banknotes, including the latest in October 2018, which saw new 50-krone and 500-krone bills. As of March 2022, $1 USD is equal to roughly 8.75 NOK....

    The Norwegian krone, or kroner (the plural term), subdivides into 100 øre. The english translation for the word krone is "the crown." Coins come in denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 20 krone and banknotes appear in denominations of 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 kroner. The currency symbol is “kr.” Banknotes feature prominent Norwegians, such as noted s...

    The first circulation of the krone came in 1875 when it became the replacement of the speciedaler. At the time, the conversion rate was four kroner for one speciedaler. Following the switch, Norway joined the Scandinavian Monetary Union, an alliance that existed until the outbreak of World War I. During the existence of the Union, the Norwegian kro...

    As with all currencies, economic trends trigger fluctuation in the value of the Norwegian krone. Currency investors may seek out the NOK when the euro’s(EUR) value is in doubt. Increased activity in trading the NOK may increase the rate of exchange. Changes in the global price of crude oil also affect the NOK's value as Norway is Western Europe’s l...

    To understand the value of the Norwegian krone in Norway, it is helpful to examine the currency's buying power with respect to familiar consumer goods. According to The Economist's popular"Big Mac" Index, the cost of a Big Mac in Norway averaged out to 57 NOK in 2022, a figure equal to about $6.44 U.S. dollars. This is the second most expensive Big...

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