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  1. Graphic novel. A graphic novel is a long-form work of sequential art. The term graphic novel is often applied broadly, including fiction, non-fiction, and anthologized work, though this practice is highly contested by comics scholars and industry professionals. It is, at least in the United States, typically distinct from the term comic book ...

  2. Feb 2, 2024 · novel - Wiktionary, the free dictionary. See also: Novel, nóvel, növel, nővel and novèl. Contents. 1 English. 1.1 Pronunciation. 1.2 Etymology 1. 1.2.1 Adjective. Usage notes. Derived terms. Related terms. Translations. 1.3 Etymology 2. 1.3.1 Noun. Derived terms. Descendants. Translations.

  3. Dune is a fictional story set in a space empire far in the future. It is written by Frank Herbert. The book focuses on how politics, religion, technology and many other things interact. In the world of the Dune series, computers are banned (they are not allowed anywhere).

  4. Different definitions of the novel include: an imaginative re-creation of reality, a history, a scary conveyor of truth that demanded scrutiny, a biography, a harmless amusement, a travel narrative, a romance, a tale of spiritual journey.

  5. Samuel Richardson. Tobias Smollett. Ocean Vuong. Elinor Glyn. Betje Wolff. novel. letter. epistolary novel, a novel told through the medium of letters written by one or more of the characters.

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  7. The Waverley Novels, a series of more than two dozen historical novels published by Sir Walter Scott between 1814 and 1832. Although the novels were extremely popular and strongly promoted at the time, he did not publicly reveal his authorship of them until 1827.

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