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    November is the eleventh month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars, the fourth and last of four months to have a length of 30 days and the fifth and last of five months to have a length of fewer than 31 days. November was the ninth month of the calendar of Romulus c. 750 BC. November retained its name when January and February were added to the Roman calendar. November is a month of late spring in the Southern Hemisphere and late autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, Novemb

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      December got its name from the Latin word decem (meaning...

    • Astronomy

      November meteor showers include the Andromedids, which...

    • Astrology

      The Western zodiac signs, for the month of November, are...

    • November observances

      This list does not necessarily imply either official status...

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    November is the eleventh month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, after October and before December, which is the last month. November has 30 days. It was the ninth month in the old Roman calendar, which is where its name comes from. It kept its name when January and February were added to the beginning of the year, despite becoming the eleventh month. The ninth month is now September. November begins on the same day of the week as February in common years and March every year, as each other's first days are exactly 39 weeks (273 days) and 35 weeks (245 days) apart respectively. November ends on the same day of the week as August every year, as each other's last days are exactly 13 weeks (91 days) apart. In common years, November starts on the same day of the week as June of the previous year, and in leap years, September and December of the previous year. In common years, November finishes on the same day of the week as Marchand June of the previous year, and in leap years, Sep...

    Fixed Events

    1. October 31 to November 2 – Day of the Dead (Mexico) 2. October 31/November 1 – Samhain, Celtic and Pagan celebration. 3. November 1 – All Saints Day (Christian); this is the day after Halloween. 4. November 1 – Independence Day (Antigua and Barbuda) 5. November 1 – World VeganDay 6. November 1 – Day of the Leaders of the BulgarianNational Revival. 7. November 1 – Foundation Day (Kerala and Karnataka, India). 8. November 2 – All Souls Day (Christian) 9. November 2 – Statehood Day (North Dak...

    Moveable Events

    1. Divali (Hinduism), celebrated in Octoberor November 2. Election Day (United States), on Tuesday closest to November 5. Presidential Election is in leap years. Mid-term elections are in even-numbered common years, such as 2010. Gubernatorial Elections and Senate and House of RepresentativesElections are also held. 3. First Tuesday - Melbourne Cup horse race in Australia 4. Movember - Month-long observance highlighting men's healthissues. 5. Remembrance Sunday - UK, Commonwealth of Nations,...

    November 1, 1512 – The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo, goes on display.
    November 1, 1755 – An earthquake and tsunamis kills thousands of people in Lisbon, and affect other parts of Europe and North Africa.
    November 1, 1922 – Mehmed VI, the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, leaves the throne.
    November 1, 1981 – Antigua and Barbuda become independent from the United Kingdom.
    November's flower is the Chrysanthemum. Its birthstone is the topaz. The meaning of the topaz is fidelity.
    The astrological signs for November are Scorpio (October 22 to November 21) and Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21).
    November is also the only month of the year to be one of 26 letters in the NATOalphabet.
  2. November (Roman month), the ninth month of the Roman calendar. November -class submarine, a class of Soviet nuclear-powered attack submarines. N, in the NATO phonetic alphabet. Steve November (born 1972), British television producer.

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    365 – The Alemanni cross the Rhine and invade Gaul. Emperor Valentinian I moves to Paristo command the army and defend the Gallic cities.
    996 – Emperor Otto III issues a deed to Gottschalk, Bishop of Freising, which is the oldest known document using the name Ostarrîchi (Austria in Old High German).
    1009 – Berber forces led by Sulayman ibn al-Hakam defeat the Umayyad caliph Muhammad II of Córdoba in the battle of Alcolea.
    1141 – Empress Matilda's reign as 'Lady of the English' ends with Stephen of Blois regaining the title of 'King of England'.
    846 – Louis the Stammerer, Frankish king (d. 879)
    1339 – Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria(d. 1365)
    1351 – Leopold III, Duke of Austria(d. 1386)
    1419 – Albert II, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen(d. 1485)
    934 – Beornstan of Winchester, English bishop
    970 – Boso of Merseburg, German bishop
    1038 – Herman I, Margrave of Meissen(b. c. 980)
    1296 – Guillaume Durand, French bishop and theologian (b. 1230)
    All Saints' Day, a holy day of obligation in some areas (a national holiday in many historically Catholic countries), and its related observance:
    Anniversary of the Revolution (Algeria)
    Chavang Kut (Mizo people of Northeast India, Bangladesh, Burma)
    Chhattisgarh Rajyotsava (Chhattisgarh, India)
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    498 – After the death of Anastasius II, Symmachus is elected Pope in the Lateran Palace, while Laurentius is elected Pope in Santa Maria Maggiore.
    845 – The first duke of Brittany, Nominoe, defeats the Frankish king Charles the Bald at the Battle of Ballon near Redon.
    1307 – Pope Clement V issues the papal bull Pastoralis Praeeminentiae which instructed all Christian monarchs in Europe to arrest all Templarsand seize their assets.
    1574 – Spanish navigator Juan Fernández discovers islands now known as the Juan Fernández Islands off Chile.
    1329 – Elisabeth of Meissen, Burgravine of Nuremberg (d. 1375)
    1428 – Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, English kingmaker (d. 1471)
    1515 – Mary of Guise, Queen of Scots (d. 1560)
    1519 – Johannes Crato von Krafftheim, German humanist and physician (d. 1585)
    365 – Antipope Felix II
    950 – Lothair II of Italy(b. 926)
    1249 – As-Salih Ayyub, ruler of Egypt
    1286 – Eric V of Denmark(b. 1249)
    Arbour Day (British Virgin Islands)
    Christian feast day:
    Day of the Albanian Alphabet (Albania and ethnic Albanians)
  5. › wiki › November_16November 16 - Wikipedia

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    951 – Emperor Li Jing sends a Southern Tang expeditionary force of 10,000 men under Bian Hao to conquer Chu. Li Jing removes the ruling family to his own capital in Nanjing, ending the Chu Kingdom.
    1272 – While travelling during the Ninth Crusade, Prince Edward becomes King of England upon Henry III of England's death, but he will not return to England for nearly two years to assume the throne.
    1491 – An auto-da-fé, held in the Brasero de la Dehesa outside of Ávila, concludes the case of the Holy Child of La Guardia with the public execution of several Jewish and conversosuspects.
    1532 – Francisco Pizarro and his men capture Inca Emperor Atahualpa at the Battle of Cajamarca.
    42 BC – Tiberius, Roman emperor (d. 37 AD)
    1436 – Leonardo Loredan, Italian ruler (d. 1521)
    1457 – Beatrice of Naples, Hungarian queen (d. 1508)
    1466 – Francesco Cattani da Diacceto, Florentine philosopher (d. 1522)
    897 – Gu Yanhui, Chinese warlord
    987 – Shen Lun, Chinese scholar-official
    1005 – Ælfric of Abingdon, Archbishop of Canterbury
    1093 – Saint Margaret of Scotland(b. 1045)
    Christian feast day:
    Day of Declaration of Sovereignty (Estonia)
    Earliest day on which Day of Repentance and Prayer can fall, while November 22 is the latest; celebrated 11 days before Advent Sunday (Lutheran, Reformed (Calvinist) and United Protestant churches,...
    Icelandic Language Day or Dagur íslenskrar tungu (Iceland)
  6. › wiki › November_7November 7 - Wikipedia

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    335 – Athanasius is banished to Trier, on charge that he prevented a grain fleet from sailing to Constantinople.
    680 – The Sixth Ecumenical Councilcommences in Constantinople.
    921 – Treaty of Bonn: The Frankish kings Charles the Simple and Henry the Fowler sign a peace treaty or 'pact of friendship' (amicitia), to recognize their borders along the Rhine.
    1426 – Lam Sơn uprising: Lam Sơn rebels emerge victorious against the Ming army in the Battle of Tốt Động – Chúc Động taking place in Đông Quan, in now Hanoi.
    13 BC – Emperor Keikōof Japan (d. 130)
    630 – Constans II, Byzantine emperor (d. 668)
    994 – Ibn Hazm, Arabian philosopher and scholar (d. 1069)
    1186 – Ögedei Khan, Mongol ruler, 2nd Great Khan of the Mongol Empire(d. 1241)
    691 – Cen Changqian, official of the Tang Dynasty
    691 – Ge Fuyuan, official of the Tang Dynasty
    927 – Zhu Shouyin, general of Later Tang
    1173 – Uijong of Goryeo, Korean monarch of the Goryeo dynasty (b. 1127)
    Christian feast day:
    Commemoration Day, the anniversary of Ben Ali's succession. (Tunisia)
    Hungarian Opera Day (Hungary)
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