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    Nubia (/ ˈ n j uː b i ə, ˈ n uː-/) is a region along the Nile river encompassing the area between the first cataract of the Nile (just south of Aswan in southern Egypt) and the confluence of the Blue and White Niles (south of Khartoum in central Sudan), or more strictly, Al Dabbah.

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      Nubians (/ ˈ n uː b i ən z, ˈ n j uː-/) are an...

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      Noba is a term found in a number of historical sources...

  2. Nubia was an ancient African Kingdom.It dates back to around 6000 BC. It was in northeastern Africa. They were a valuable culture because of their trading abilities. They were on the coast of the Red Sea.

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    In the prologue to Injustice 2, it is revealed that Nubia was appointed as the new Wonder Woman of Themyscira after Diana's actions with the Regime from the first game. Nubia: Real One. On May 28, 2020, DC announced the original YA graphic novel Nubia: Real One, written by L.L. McKinney and with art by Robyn Smith. According to the publisher ...

    • Nu'Bia, Wonder Woman of the Floating Island, Wonder Woman of the Slaughter Island
    • DC Comics
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    Nubia (/ ˈ n uː b i ə, ˈ n j uː-/) is a region along the Nile river encompassing the area between the first cataract of the Nile (just south of Aswan in southern Egypt) as well as the confluence of the blue and white Niles (south of Khartoum in central Sudan) or, more strictly, Al Dabbah.

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    Nubia Technology is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong.Originally started as a wholly owned subsidiary of ZTE in 2012 and it became an independent company in 2015 and received a significant investment from Suning Holdings Group and Suning Commerce Group in 2016.

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    Nubia Muñoz (born 1940) is a Colombian medical scientist and epidemiologist, whose research has been instrumental in establishing that human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the primary cause of cervical cancer which has led to the development of a vaccine that is capable of preventing 70% of all cervical cancers.

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    Onyeka Nubia FRHistS (whose novels are published under the name Onyeka) is a British writer, law lecturer and historian. His books document the lives of Black Britons and explore issues about cultural identity, resistance to oppression and the will to succeed in multicultural Britain.

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    Nubia is widely regarded as having been Africa's oldest civilisation, so it seemed fitting that the Nubians should visit Spiller's - the world's oldest record shop - during their time in Wales. United nations; Musicians from Wales and Egypt are teaming up for a special tour which highlights their shared legacy of drowned communities.

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    Taharqa, also spelled Taharka or Taharqo (Egyptian: 𓇿𓉔𓃭𓈎 tꜣ-h-rw-k, Neo-Assyrian: Tar-qu-u 2, Hebrew: תִּרְהָקָה ‎, Modern: Tirhaqa, Tiberian: Tirehāqā, Manetho's Tarakos, Strabo's Tearco), was a pharaoh of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt and qore (king) of the Kingdom of Kush (present day Sudan), from 690 to 664 BC.

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