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  1. Nubian languages - Wikipedia

    The Nubian languages (Arabic: لغات نوبية ‎ : lughāt nūbīyyah) are a group of related languages spoken by the Nubians. They form a branch of the Eastern Sudanic languages , which is part of the wider Nilo-Saharan phylum .

    • Nile Nubian, Western Nubian
    • nub
  2. Soba (city) - Wikipedia

    Soba is an archaeological site and former town in what is now central Sudan. Three kingdoms existed in medieval Nubia: Nobadia with the capital in Faras, Makuria with the capital in Dongola, and Alodia (Alwa) with the capital in Soba. The latter used to be the capital of the medieval Nubian kingdom of Alodia from the sixth century until around ...

  3. Viceroy of Kush - Wikipedia

    The former Kingdom of Kerma in Nubia, was a province of ancient Egypt from the 16th century BCE to eleventh century BCE. During this period, the polity was ruled by a viceroy who reported directly to the Egyptian Pharaoh.

  4. New Ulaanbaatar International Airport - Wikipedia

    History Development. Initial planning for the new airport was done in 2006 with Japanese assistance. In May 2008, a ¥28.8 billion (US$385 million) 40-year soft loan agreement at 0.2% interest was signed between the Government of Mongolia and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation to build a new international airport.

    • Public
    • Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia
    • 1,366 m / 4,482 ft
    • Government of Mongolia
  5. nubia

    /nooh bee euh, nyooh /, n. a light, knitted woolen head scarf for women. [1855 60; < L nub(es) a cloud + IA] * * * Ancient region of the Nile River valley, northeastern Africa. Its borders originally extended north to include Aswān and, before&#8230;

  6. 974 - Wikipedia

    Year 974 was a common year ... He consolidates Fatimid rule and sends a legation to the Christian land of Nubia to secure the southern border of ... Japanese waka ...

  7. Manchuria - Wikipedia

    Manchuria is an exonym for several large overlapping historical and geographic regions in Northeast Asia.Depending on the context, it may refer to Greater Manchuria, the area of northeast Asia which served as the homeland of the Jurchens who became the Manchus, now divided between China (Northeast China, or "Inner Manchuria") and Russia (Outer Northeast China, or "Outer Manchuria");

  8. Genital modification and mutilation - Wikipedia

    The Hanabira-style (Japanese for petal) is a special form of scarification originating in Japan, it involves the decoration of the mons pubis. [6] [7] Clitoris enlargement may be achieved temporarily through the use of a clitoral pump , or it may be achieved permanently through the application or injection of testosterone .

  9. Empire - Wikipedia

    An empire is a sovereign state consisting of several territories and peoples subject to a single ruling authority, often an emperor.States can be empires either by narrow definition through having an emperor and being named as such, or by broad definition as stated above in being an aggregated realm under the rule of a supreme authority.

  10. Gold - Wikipedia

    Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au (from Latin: aurum) and atomic number 79, making it one of the higher atomic number elements that occur naturally. In a pure form, it is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable, and ductile metal.

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