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  1. Jun 28, 2022 · The nucleus accumbens (NAc) is a major downstream target of both the mPFC and the OFC; however, its role in controlling reversal learning and set-shifting abilities is still unclear.

  2. Jun 25, 2022 · The nucleus accumbens (NAc) is one of the critical brain regions where stress responses and sleep regulation may interact. As a key node in the brain reward circuitry [ 25 ], the NAc has been increasingly recognized for its role in sleep-wake regulation [ 26, 27 ].

  3. Jun 08, 2022 · Nucleus accumbens and olfactory tubercle. Nucleus accumbens and olfactory tubercle are paired structures, situated at the base of the forebrain. They are components of the ventral striatum and component of input nuclei for the ventral tegmental area (VTA). The nucleus accumbens is found in the rostral forebrain, where the head of the caudate ...

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  4. Jun 27, 2022 · Nucleus accumbens (NAcc) played an important role in pain mediation, and presents changes of neuronal plasticity and functional connectivity. However, less is known about altered perfusion of NAcc in chronic migraine (CM).

  5. Jun 29, 2022 · We report here that nucleus accumbens–associated protein-1 (NAC1), a nuclear factor of the Broad-complex, Tramtrack, Bric-a-brac/poxvirus and zinc finger (BTB/POZ) gene family, is a negative regulator of FoxP3 in regulatory T cells (T regs) and a critical determinant of immune tolerance.

  6. Jun 30, 2022 · The nucleus Accumbens is a part of the brain that plays an essential role in reward-seeking behavior. It might be called the “pleasure center” of the brain because it helps control how much pleasure or joy people derive from eating, drinking, sex, and other activities, including music! And let’s be frank – we’ve all heard that music is a drug.

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