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      • As of 2020, there were around 20.8 million high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) worldwide, defined as individuals whose net worth totals over one million U.S. dollars. Net worth takes into consideration an individual’s financial assets invested in a variety of classes, such as property, land, stocks, bonds etc. minus their debts and/or liabilities.
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  2. Apr 15, 2021 · With the average net worth per individual at $10 million, two-thirds of the VHNW class have a net worth that places them in the lowest of the cohort’s four wealth tiers ($5 million to $10 million), commanding just under half of total VHNW wealth. By 2025, the global VHNW population is forecast to total 3.8 million individuals.

  3. Feb 12, 2020 · The number of very-high-net-worth (VHNW) individuals—those with a net worth of between US$5 million and US$30 million—increased 10% to 2.7 million last year, following a muted...

  4. Apr 15, 2021 · Despite a tumultuous year caused by the global pandemic and an economic downturn, the global “very high-net-worth” population—those with a net worth of between US$5 million and US$30...

  5. Feb 13, 2020 · There were 969,075 very rich individuals in the United States in 2019, up 15.9% from the year earlier. Of course, the United States also has a stark wealth gap, with income inequality in 2019...

  6. Oct 18, 2022 · Published by Statista Research Department , Oct 18, 2022 In 2021, there were around about 7.4 million high net worth individuals individuals in North America. High net worth individuals are...

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