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  1. 5 days ago · Best Time to Visit Greenland: Overview. January. Jan. Maximum. Max. – 4 °C. Water max. – 1 °C. February. Feb.

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  2. Nunavut - Wikipedia › wiki › Nunavut

    3 days ago · Iqaluit co-hosted the 2002 edition in partnership with Nuuk, Greenland. Hockey Nunavut was founded in 1999 and competes in the Maritime-Hockey North Junior C Championship. Government and politics. Nunavut has a Commissioner appointed by the federal Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs.

  3. Tórshavn - Wikipedia › wiki › Tórshavn

    5 days ago · Tórshavn features a subpolar oceanic climate with average summer highs around 12 °C (54 °F) and average winter highs around 6 °C (43 °F), and with winter lows averaging just above freezing, and frequent cloudy skies. Average monthly precipitation is highest in autumn and winter, peaking in January, owing to frequent, intense storms ...

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  4. Proposals for the United States to purchase Greenland › wiki › Proposals_for_the_United

    4 days ago · Climate change may by 2030 make the Northern Sea Route the first of the Arctic shipping routes to be ice-free, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and greatly improving accessibility of Greenland's resources. The United States would become the second-largest nation in the world by land area, after the Russian Federation.

  5. The 6 EU special territories to have on your travel radar ... › travel › 2021/04/12

    5 days ago · The capital, Nuuk, has a small-town feel with under 17,000 residents, but a bigger city vibe too, combining traditional Greenlandic culture with a wider global influence. Of course, the Northern...

  6. Chemical signature of Eurois occulta L. outbreaks in the ... › science › article

    Apr 10, 2021 · The study area is located in the southern part of West Greenland, at 64°N/50°W along the Nuuk fjord. It is characterized mainly by dry and wet shrub heaths interspersed with dry south-facing slopes and smaller fen areas (Fig. 1 and Fig. S1). The heaths are mainly dominated by Salix glauca, Betula nana, and Empetrum nigrum (Dahl et al., 2017).

  7. Iqaluit - Wikipedia › wiki › Iqualuit,_Nunavut

    3 days ago · The city has a polar climate, influenced by the cold deep waters of the Labrador Current just off Baffin Island; this makes the city of Iqaluit cold, although it is well south of the Arctic Circle. As of the 2016 census , the population was 7,740 ( population centre : 7,082 [5] ), an increase of 15.5 percent from the 2011 census .

  8. Thule Air Base - Wikipedia › wiki › Thule_Air_Base

    Apr 10, 2021 · Thule Air Base, or Thule Air Base/Pituffik Airport (IATA: THU, ICAO: BGTL), is the United States Space Force's northernmost base, located 1,207 km (750 mi) north of the Arctic Circle and 1,524 km (947 mi) from the North Pole on the northwest coast of the island of Greenland. Thule Air Base is the US Armed Forces' northernmost installation.

  9. Reindeer hunting in Greenland - Wikipedia › wiki › Reindeer_hunting_in_Greenland

    3 days ago · Reindeer hunting in Greenland is of great importance to the Kalaallit (Greenland Inuit) and sporting hunters, both residents and tourists. Reindeer (caribou) are an important source of meat, and harvesting them has always played an important role in the history, culture, and traditions of the Greenland Inuit.

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