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  1. During the months of February to April, you will find the highest temperatures. The average minimum temperature in Guanacaste Region in December … The first month of the winter, December, is also a hot month, with average temperature varying between 31°C (87.8°F) and 22°C (71.6°F). Average relative humidity levels during December are listed below for cities and towns in Costa Rica ...

  2. Nandayure, Costa Rica December average sea temperature. Marine / ocean climate data updated daily, surface sea temperatures and recorded in degrees centigrade and farenheit.

  3. Max: 29.5°C / 84°F Avg: 28.1°C / 82.6°F Min: 26.8°C / 81.3°F. These figures are calculated from several years of recorded data and are the maximum, minimum and average temperatures of all the recorded years

  4. Mar 23, 2021 · In 2020, scientists confirmed the coldest temperature in the Arctic was in Greenland in December 1991, when the mercury dropped to a very chilly -69.6°C (-93.3°F). What are the average temperatures in Antarctica and the Arctic? The average winter temperature at the North Pole is -40°C (-40°F).

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    The average daily temperature of Nuuk, Greenland varies over the seasons from −8 to 7 °C (18 to 45 °F). Southeast coast of Greenland. The total area of Greenland is 2,166,086 km 2 (836,330 sq mi) (including other offshore minor islands), of which the Greenland ice sheet covers 1,755,637 km 2 (677,855 sq mi) (81%) and has a volume of ...

  6. Historian William McNeill argued that the disease load in the tropics made for less productive civilizations. The argument is essentially that people in the tropics are exposed to many more parasites and debilitating, often chronic diseases than p...

  7. Oct 04, 2017 · Between 1000 and 1300 average summer temperatures were about 1°C higher than today, with the mean annual temperature higher by perhaps 4°C in a largely ice-free Arctic. Eric the Red, a renowned world citizen of that time, has been much maligned as the first progressive publicity man for giving Greenland