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    Object Orange (formerly Detroit. Demolition. Disneyland.) is an artistic project in Detroit, Michigan which seeks to draw attention to dilapidated buildings by painting them orange. The project is composed of local artists, who go by their first names only (Christian, Jacques, Greg, Mike and Andy) for fear of prosecution.

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  3. Object Orange | Thrive › object-orange

    Object Orange In 2006 Detroit had more than 7,000 abandoned buildings and only 2,000 were slated for destruction. The abandoned, dilapidated buildings were not only eye sores, they were being used as dumping grounds, drug dens, and kids were playing in the dangerous rubble. So four artists took matters into their own hands.

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    Jan 11, 2019 - Everything ORANGE! . See more ideas about orange, shades of orange, orange aesthetic.

  5. 100 Things That Are Orange, Ranked | Autostraddle › 100-things-that-are-orange
    • Persimmons. “Persimmons are a smallish fruit that you can cut into pieces and put in your mouth and you will be so happy you did!” – Rachel, Senior Editor.
    • “Finding Nemo” “I cried at Finding Nemo, and I’m only about 7% embarrassed to admit it, and my crying was only about 67% due to Ellen Degeneres’ portrayal of Dory.
    • Beeker the Muppet. Meep.
    • Chicken Tikka Masala. I know it’s predictable but I think it’s predictable for a reason and that reason is; “it is good.”
  6. Orange | Object Shows Community | Fandom › wiki › Orange

    Orange Orange is a male and is owned by Da Killah Bunnyz. He is a team captain, as well as a contestant in Battle For The World. If you are looking for a casino battel version see Orange (casino battle)

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    Manage your objects, and collect and store their data securely with our secure, evolutionary platform. Our cloud-based Live Objects offer is a complete suite of services that evolves according to your needs, letting you process your data, transform it into insights and make it available to your customers and users. Live Objects from Orange

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    Orange is mostly known as a kind, widely talented, and determined person, with a knack for leadership. He does his best to be fair, and stays loyal to the people he deeply cares about, often stopping fights within his team.

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    Orange Orange is a sweet adorable contestant that is competing in Object Planet, in episode 2b he was angry that his team was always losing so he lost his mind and started to try and make his own team.

  10. Rectangular Object With Orange-Tangerine Lights on Ends. › newsite › rectangular-object-with

    He said that the object was gun metal gray and had railing on the bottom. There were orange lights on the ends and a yellow light in the middle. He said the craft was about the size of a city bus and had a height of six to eight feet. The witness then went to call his wife to look at the craft, When he returned the object was gone.

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