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  1. Chanute and Herring described their glider designs in several articles from 1896 to 1904, inspiring a significant number of European and American experimenters. Versions of their biplane, based on plans supplied by magazines such as Popular Science, were still being built by amateur enthusiasts as late as 1915.

  2. Octave Chanute, (born Feb. 18, 1832, Paris, France—died Nov. 23, 1910, Chicago, Ill., U.S.), leading American civil engineer and aeronautical pioneer. Immigrating to the United States with his father in 1838, Chanute attended private schools in New York City. His first job was as a member of a surveying crew with the Hudson River Railroad.

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  4. Octave Chanute was one of the great pioneers of early flight. In 1896, Chanute, Augustus Herring, and fellow flying enthusiasts went to wind-swept Miller Beach on Lake Michigan (near Gary, Indiana) to test three new glider designs. Their successful biplane glider was originally built as a tri-plane, but early flights revealed the bottom wing ...

  5. Octave Chanute - Part 2 Chanute & the Wright Brothers In 1896, at the age of 64, Chanute began to actively experiment with gliders along the shores of Lake Michigan near Gary, Indiana. During his glider experiments, he developed the biplane. His biplane design was so successful that it underwent few changes during the next 50 years.

  6. Octave Chanute's Experiments with Gliders 385 man's glider dangerous and hard to handle, so tests with it were discontinued.12 The Chanute glider, the wings of which were arranged to swerve fore and aft to adjust the center of lift, was a fantastic machine with five tiers of wings on each side of the center structure.

  7. Dec 19, 2007 · Chanute, who was 64 and had made a fortune building railroads, was about to begin a series of critical glider experiments that would culminate seven years later in the first flights of Orville...

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