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  1. Historical Events on October 22 - On This Day › events › october

    October in History. The Tragedy of Aberfan October 21, 1966; Jumping Jacques Makes First Parachute Descent October 22, 1797; Test of Time for the Date of Creation October 23, 4004 BC; The 17 Year-Old Witness to the Eruption of Vesuvius October 24, 79 AD

  2. What Happened on October 22 - On This Day › day › october

    Oct 22, 2012 · Oct 22 in Film & TV 1942 "Now, Voyager" film directed by Irving Rapper starring Bette Davis, Paul Henreid and Claude Rain premieres in New York Oct 22 in Music 1883 New York's original Metropolitan Opera House has its grand opening with a performance of the opera "Faust"

  3. October 22 - Wikipedia › wiki › October_22

    October 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) Earliest day on which Labour Day can fall, while October 28 is the latest; celebrated on the fourth Monday in October ( New Zealand) Fechner Day ( International observance) International Stuttering Awareness Day.

  4. Today in History: October 22 › today-in-history › october-22

    Today in History October 22 741 Charles Martel of Gaul dies at Quierzy. His mayoral power is divided between his two sons, Pepin III and Carloman. 1707

  5. On This Day - What Happened on October 22 | Britannica › on-this-day › October-22

    On this day in 1962, President John F. Kennedy alerted Americans to the Cuban missile crisis, declaring a naval blockade to prevent further missile shipments to the island country 90 miles (145 km) off the coast of the U.S.

  6. What Happened on October 22nd This Day in History › october22nd

    Find Out What happened 22nd October This Day in History on your birthday Find Out For Next 7 Days - October - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 22 Oct, 1962 - U.S.A. Cuban Missile Crisis

  7. On This Day in History, October 22 - Time and Date › on-this-day › october

    On This Day in History, October 22. The unmanned space probe called Chandrayaan-1 was launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation. The probe successfully landed on the Moon on November 14, 2008, making India the 5th country to land a spacecraft on the Moon. François Duvalier, also known as Papa Doc, became the President of Haiti.

  8. October 22 Events in History at › days › october_22

    BrainyHistory - Events Listing October 22 Events in History October 22 Birthdays - October 22 Deaths 2014 Four former guards of security company Blackwater have been convicted of manslaughter and murder charges in the shooting of 31 unarmed Iraqi civilians seven years ago in Baghdad; the incident resulted in 14 deaths and 17 injuries

  9. Music History Events October 22 - Songfacts › October › 22

    22 OCTOBER Featured Events. 2012 Taylor Swift releases her fourth album, Red. The first single is the #1 "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," a kiss-off to an ex she refuses to name. 2008 Guns N' Roses release their first new material since 1999 when the title track of their new album Chinese Democracy is issued as a single. The band ...

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