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    oil paint·ing
    /ˈoil ˈˌpān(t)iNG/


    • 1. the art of painting with oil paints: "the basic methods and techniques of oil painting"
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  3. Oil painting definition is - the act or art of painting in oil colors. How to use oil painting in a sentence.

  4. Oil painting definition, the art or technique of painting with oil colors. See more.

  5. oil painting n. 1. A painting done in oil paints. 2. The art or practice of painting with oils. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition ...

  6. ‘While van Eyck did not invent the technique of oil painting, he did perfect the method of using an oil-glaze.’ ‘New theories of perspective in the Renaissance, and oil painting with its greater tactility and richness, enabled artists to achieve an increasingly convincing copy of Nature.’

  7. oil painting meaning: 1. a picture painted with oil paints 2. the art or process of painting with oil paints 3. a picture…. Learn more.

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