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    Olaf II of Denmark (and IV of Norway) succeeded his maternal grandfather Valdemar IV in 1376. He was the first king to rule Norway and Denmark in personal union. Olaf on his seal still displayed the Estridsen (for Denmark) and Sverre (for Norway) coats of arms in two separate shields.

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    Over the next centuries, the Danish empire expanded throughout the southern Baltic coast. Under the 14th century king Olaf II, Denmark acquired control of the Kingdom of Norway, which included the territories of Norway, Iceland and the Faroese Islands. Olaf's mother, Margrethe I, united Norway, Sweden and Denmark into the Kalmar Union.

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  3. 1380s - Wikipedia

    February – Olaf II of Denmark also becomes Olaf IV of Norway, with his mother Margrete (Margaret) as regent. Iceland and the Faroe Islands, as parts of Norway, pass under the Danish crown. March 13 – The southern England town of Winchelsea in East Sussex is attacked and burned by an expeditionary force from France.

  4. 1387 - Wikipedia

    June 2 – John Holland, a maternal half-brother of Richard II of England, is created Earl of Huntingdon. August 22 – Olaf, King of Norway and Denmark and claimant to the throne of Sweden, dies. The vacant thrones come under the regency of his mother Margaret I of Denmark, who will soon become queen in her own right.

  5. II. Knut dán király – Wikipédiaán_király

    1030-ban Olaf megpróbált visszatérni, de elesett Stiklestadnál. Ælfgifu és Svend viszont népszerűtlenné vált Norvégiában, és 1035 -ben, még Knut halála előtt Dániába menekültek. [8]

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    Viking Armada by Edward Moran
    « Pirates normands au IXème siècle » par Evariste-Vital Luminais (1822 - 1896).
    The Ravager, a painting by John Charles Dollman, showing Vikings in cold weather.
    A black-and-white reproduction of a painting showing Norsemen in a ship, by Oscar Wergeland.
    Viking ship near Barsoe, Denmark, 1969
    Viking ship (retouched)
    Viking ship (front view)
    Viking ship (front view)
    Reconstruction of the tempel of Uppåkra in Sweden
    Interior from the temple of Uppåkra in Sweden
    Ruins of the hof (Viking temple) of Hov, Faroe Islands
    Scene from Stora Hammar stone
    Grave of Havgrimur, Faroe Islands
    Map of the town Lund in Skania, Sweden in the Viking period.
    Reconstructed map of Paris in 9 century.
    The place of the battle at Stiklestad were Olaf II of Norway died 1030.
    Viking age lock
    Viking anchor
    Pommel from a Viking sword
    Viking swords
    Vikings fighting (part of a festival - reenacting 2007)
    Vikings fighting (part of a festival in Denmark)
    Reconstructor portraying a Viking
    Battle of Flowers float 2007 Moonlight Parade.
  7. Olaf III becomes King of Denmark after the death of his grandfather, Valdemar IV, in 1375. The city of Sredets in Bulgaria is renamed Sofia after the Church of St Sophia Mamluk Sultan of Egypt Nasir-ad-Din Shaban II is succeeded by Alah-ad-Din Ali. Qutbuddin succeeds his brother, Shahabuddin, as Sultan of Kashmir.

  8. August 23 – Death of Olaf, King of Norway and Denmark and claimant to the throne of Sweden. The vacant thrones come under the regency of his mother Margaret I of Denmark who would soon become Queen in her own right.

  9. Kanuto II.a Handia - Wikipedia, entziklopedia askea.

    Kanuto II.a Handia (antzinako eskandinavieraz: Knútr inn ríki, danieraz: Knud den Store, norvegieraz: Knut den mektige, suedieraz: Knut den store, ingelesez: Cnut edo Canute) (995 inguru – 1035eko azaroaren 12a) Danimarkako, Ingalaterrako eta Norvegiako erregea izan zen.

  10. Joanna of Navarre, daughter of Charles II of Navarre (died 1437) John Lydgate, English Benedictine monk and poet (died 1451) Queen Mary of Sicily (died 1402) Erasmo of Narni, Italian mercenary (died 1443) King Olaf IV of Norway (died 1387) John VII Palaeologus, Byzantine Emperor (died 1408) Jan Piast, Duke of Ziebice (died 1428)

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