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  1. Olaf II of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Olaf was the son of Queen Margaret I of Denmark and King Haakon VI of Norway, and grandson of kings Magnus IV of Sweden and Valdemar IV of Denmark.

    • 3 May 1376 – 3 August 1387
    • Valdemar IV
  2. Olav V of Norway - Wikipedia

    Olav V (born Prince Alexander of Denmark; 2 July 1903 – 17 January 1991) was King of Norway from 1957 until his death. Olav was the only child of King Haakon VII of Norway and Maud of Wales. He became heir apparent to the Norwegian throne when his father was elected King of Norway in 1905.

    • 21 September 1957 – 17 January 1991
    • Harald V
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  4. Kingdom of Norway (872–1397) - Wikipedia

    Olav's death extinguished yet one Norwegian male royal line; he was also the last Norwegian king to be born on Norwegian soil for the next 567 years. After the death of Olav IV of Norway in 1387, the closest in line to the succession was the Swedish king Albert of Mecklenburg. However, his succession was politically unacceptable to the ...

  5. Olav Magnusson of Norway - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Olav Magnusson (1099 – 22 December 1115) was king of Norway in 1103–1115. He was the son of King Magnus Barefoot and Sigrid, daughter of Saxe of Vik. Olav became king together with his half-brothers Sigurd Jorsalfar and Øystein Magnusson when his father Magnus Barefoot died in 1103.

  6. Person:Olav IV of Norway (1) - Genealogy

    the text in this section is copied from an article in Wikipedia. Olaf II Haakonsson (1370 – 3 August 1387) was King of Denmark as Olaf II (1376–1387) and King of Norway as Olaf IV (1380–1387). Olaf was son of King Haakon VI of Norway and the grandson of King Magnus IV of Sweden.

  7. Harald V of Norway - Wikipedia

    The King and Crown Prince Olav would remain in Norway and the Crown Princess was to make her way to Sweden with the three children. The latter party reached Sweden on the night of 10 April, but although Crown Princess Märtha was Swedish-born, they encountered problems at the border station.

  8. Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Olav IV of Norway

    Olaf inherited the Danish throne through his mother and reigned as king of Denmark (1376-1387) as Oluf III and the Norwegian throne from his father and reigned in Norway (1380-1387) as Olav IV. Following his premature death in 1387 his mother Margaren, was by the Kalmar Union in 1389 , able to unite, in personal union, the three Scandinavian ...

  9. olav iv of norway : définition de olav iv of norway et ...

    Oluf IV Haakonsson (1370 – August 23, 1387) was king of Denmark as Oluf II (1376–1387) and king of Norway as Olav IV (1380–1387). Oluf was son of King Haakon VI of Norway and the grandson of Magnus II of Sweden. His mother was Queen Margaret of Denmark which made him the grandson of Valdemar IV of Denmark.

  10. ^ Danish monarchy reached the Faeroes in 1380 with the reign of Olav IV in Norway. b. ^ The Faeroes, Greenland and Iceland were formally Norwegian possessions until 1814 despite 400 years of Danish monarchy beforehand. c. ^ Information for Denmark including the Faroe Islands and Greenland. d.

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