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  1. Haakon VII of Norway - Wikipedia

    Several of his paternal ancestors had been kings of independent Norway (Haakon V of Norway, Christian I of Norway, Frederick I, Christian III, Frederick II, Christian IV, as well as Frederick III of Norway who integrated Norway into the Oldenburg state with Denmark, Schleswig and Holstein, after which it was not independent until 1814).

  2. Lesja - Wikipedia

    World War 2. After the German invasion of April 1940, while King Haakan and the Norwegian government were moving from Elverum to the west coast, the King and Crown Prince Olaf arrived in Otta on the night of April 13. The prime minister and his colleagues, who were then in Lesja, were summoned and a communiqué, ending "God save Norway," and urging resistance to the unprovoked attack was issued.

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  4. Norway and the Second World War | GG Archives

    Norway and the Second World War: How the invasion came -- Quisling and the German Authorities -- Norway in the Alliance. The Proceedings Against The Collaborators by Johs. Andenæs, O. Riste, and M. Skodvin, Trykt hos Mesna-Trykk A/S, Lillehammer, Norge, Soft Cover, 173 Pages, 82-03-16154-5.

  5. The Quisling regime or Quisling government are common names used to refer to the fascist collaborationist government led by Vidkun Quisling in German-occupied Norway during the Second World War. The official name of the regime from 1 February 1942 until its dissolution in May 1945 was Den nasjonale regjering (English: the National Government). Actual executive power was retained by the ...

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    Apr 16, 2020 - Pictures from the involvement of Norway and Norwegians during WW2. See more ideas about norway, world war, world war two.

  7. Norway 1940-45: The Resistance Movement | GG Archives

    Front Cover, Norway 1940-45: The Resistance Movement by Olav Riste and Berit Nökleby, 1970. GGA Image ID # 17f4ffa0a5 Nor-Media A/S, Norge, Hardcover, 93 Pages, 82-03-22087-8.

  8. Vardøhus Fortress | Military Wiki | Fandomøhus_Fortress

    Vardøhus Fortress (Norwegian language: Vardøhus festning) is located in Vardø Municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. It's located in the town of Vardø on the island of Vardøya on the Barents Sea near the mouth of the Varangerfjord in northeastern Norway near the Russian border. 1 History 1.1 Varghøya 1.2 Østervågen 1.3 Vardøhus 2 Modern history 2.1 Second World War 2.1.1 Norwegian ...

  9. HMS Savage (G20) - Wikipedia

    HMS Savage was an S-class destroyer of the Royal Navy completed on 8 June 1943. Following a successful Warship Week campaign held in March 1942, she was adopted by the town of Burton On Trent . [2] Savage took part in the Battle of North Cape .

  10. Olav V (born Prince Alexander of Denmark; 2 July 1903 – 17 January 1991) was King of Norway from 1957 until his death. Olav was the only child of King Haakon VII of Norway and Maud of Wales. He became heir apparent to the Norwegian throne when his father was elected King of Norway in 1905.

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