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  1. Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible as interpreted among the various branches of Christianity. In Judaism the Hebrew Bible is not only the primary text of instruction for a moral life but also the historical record of God’s promise, first articulated in his covenant with Abraham, to consider the Jews his chosen people. Christians, on the other hand, view it as the prophecy of the advent of Jesus ...

  2. The park recreates life in San Diego as it was in the early 1800s. More than 20 buildings dating from 1821 have been beautifully preserved, especially the Estudillo house. In the old town, there are also many colourful shops! There is also a stage, where you can listen to mariachis every weekend or see folk dancers!

  3. Jan 8, 2023 · Old Town San Diego's sights and attractions like Cygnet Theater Company, Casa de Estudillo, and McCoy Museum House offer insight into the local culture. Old Town San Diego State Park and Casa de Carillo are some other stops to visit in the neighborhood.

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    Jan 22, 2023 · old ( comparative older or elder, superlative (US, dialectal) oldermost or oldest or eldest ) Of an object, concept, relationship, etc., having existed for a relatively long period of time. an old abandoned building an old friend Of a living being, having lived for most of the expected years. a wrinkled old man

  5. old adjective (NOT YOUNG/NEW) A1 having lived or existed for many years: an old man We're all getting older. I was shocked by how old he looked. Now come on, you're old enough to tie your own shoelaces, Carlos. I'm too old to be out in the clubs every night. a beautiful old farm house in the country a battered old car

  6. Jan 28, 2023 · You use old to refer to something that used to belong to you, or to a person or thing that used to have a particular role in your life. I'll make up the bed in your old room. I still have affection for my old school. Mark was heartbroken when Jane returned to her old boyfriend. Synonyms: former, earlier, past, previous More Synonyms of old

  7. The Old Town Tequila Factory at Best Western Plus Hacienda Hotel Old Town serves traditional Mexican cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant features rooftop views and offers a selection of special edition tequila. Guests can work out in the fitness center or relax in the hot tub at Best Western Hacienda Hotel Old Town.

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    • 4041 Harney Street, Old Town, San Diego, CA 92110, United States of America, 4041 Harney Street, USA CA 92110
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