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  1. Italic languages - Wikipedia › wiki › Italic_languages

    4 days ago · All Italic languages (including Romance) are generally written in Old Italic scripts (or the descendant Latin alphabet and its adaptations), which descend from the alphabet used to write the non-Italic Etruscan language, and ultimately from the Greek alphabet

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  3. Oscan language - Wikipedia › wiki › Oscan_language

    5 days ago · Alphabet. Oscan was originally written in a specific "Oscan alphabet", one of the Old Italic scripts derived from (or cognate with) the Etruscan alphabet.Later inscriptions are written in the Greek and Latin alphabets.

  4. Phoenician alphabet - Wikipedia › wiki › Phoenician_alphabet

    4 days ago · The Latin alphabet was derived from Old Italic (originally a form of the Greek alphabet), used for Etruscan and other languages. The origin of the Runic alphabet is disputed: the main theories are that it evolved either from the Latin alphabet itself, some early Old Italic alphabet via the Alpine scripts, or the Greek alphabet. Despite this ...

  5. Geʽez script - Wikipedia › wiki › ቤ

    3 days ago · Kobishchanov, Peter T. Daniels, and others have suggested possible influence from the Brahmic scripts in vocalization, as they are also abugidas, and the Kingdom of Aksum was an important part of major trade routes involving India and the Greco-Roman world throughout classical antiquity.

  6. Greek alphabet - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Greek_alphabet

    6 days ago · A little later, the rest of Greece did the same, and by 350 BC, during the life of Alexander the Great, almost all Greeks were using the same twenty-four letter Greek alphabet. Later, Aristophanes of Byzantium (c. 257–185 BC), a Greek scholar and grammarian, invented the three diacritics (accent marks): acute , grave , and circumflex , to ...

    • c. 800 BC – present
    • Greek
  7. Content translation/Documentation/FAQ - MediaWiki › wiki › Content_translation

    5 days ago · The most common reason for this is old local JavaScript code on your wiki, which is incompatible with Content Translation. Such code usually appears in Gadgets, user scripts, or Common.js. If you recently enabled a gadget or changed a user script, try disabling it.

  8. ne - Wiktionary › wiki › ne

    4 days ago · (obsolete) Not. 1481, William Caxton, Lyf of the Noble and Crysten Prynce, Charles the Grete: I ne entende but onely to reduce thauncyent ryme in to prose. I ne intend, but ...

  9. System administrators - Meta › wiki › System_administrator
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    Although system administrators are often not active on Wikimedia wikis themselves, they may occasionally need to perform actions for technical reasons, such as blocking users or bots that are consuming unacceptable amounts of system resources, or undoing edits that put heavy strain on the servers. Such actions should not be undone without consulting the system administrator. To facilitate these changes being made in a transparent fashion with no need of the steward flag, all system administrators who ask can be added to the 'sysadmin' global group (automatic members lists). This group allows them to set user rights for any user on any wiki, in the same fashion as stewards. So if a system administrator needs to perform an action restricted to administrators (like editing system messages) on a particular wiki, they can simply grant themselves admin status on that wiki to make the action. In addition, the 'sysadmin' group has access to Special:GlobalGroupPermissions, where system admin...

    Initially, it was Jimmy Wales who installed software, ran update programs etc. on the servers. In March 2002, he proposed to give login accounts to some developers ("Trusted user access to machine", Wikitech-l). System administrators formerly had an important role in the Wikipedia power structure, since they were the only ones able to promote and demote sysops, and lock user accounts (before the "block" feature of MediaWikiexisted). Some sysadmins had shell access to the old California servers, but due to inactivity, weren't given shell access on the "new" (since decommissioned) Florida servers. Magnus Manske, April King, Lee Daniel Crocker, Axel Boldt, Matthias Jordan, Neil Harris and Ed Poor were all in this category.

    System administrators: global permission · global groups (toolforge) · member list · group changelog
    A perfectly up to date list of sysadmins is also visible in the operations/puppet.git git repository e.g. .
    Issue tracker permissions are no longer dealt with on this page. See the mediawiki pageinstead.
  10. 7 Amazing Moon Lamps - iD Lights › 7-amazing-moon-lamps

    May 07, 2021 · A lamp in the shape of a moon with the whole moon map on it. Not only a decorative lamp, it is also a pedagogical way to approach sensitive subjects.