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  1. Khmer (ភាសាខ្មែរ) is the official language of Cambodia. It is a member of the Austroasiatic language family, and is related to languages such as Vietnamese and Mon, a minority language spoken in Myanmar. Khmer is written using the Khmer script, which is ultimately derived from the Brahmi system of ancient India.

  2. The Pallava script or Pallava Grantha, is a Brahmic script, named after the Pallava dynasty of South India, attested since the 4th century AD. As epigrapher Arlo Griffiths makes clear, however, the term is misleading as not all of the relevant scripts referred to have a connection with the Pallava dynasty.

  3. The Old Italic scripts are a family of similar ancient writing systems used in the Italian Peninsula between about 700 and 100 BC, for various languages spoken in that time and place. [ citation needed ] The most notable member is the Etruscan alphabet , which was the immediate ancestor of the Latin alphabet currently used by English and many ...

  4. Large datasets In a very few cases (esp. Khmer data) the underlying data set was so large and comprehensive that individually redacting glosses would have greatly delayed getting anydata on line. As a temporary solution, we have automatically extracted the leading glosses of all headwords not marked as Indic.

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