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  1. The Mon–Burmese script (မွန်မြန်မာအက္ခရာ) ( listen (help·info) Mon: အက္ခရ်မန်ဗၟာ) (also called the Mon script, Old Mon script and Burmese script) is an abugida that derives from the Pallava Grantha script of southern India and later of Southeast Asia. It is the basis of the alphabets ...

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    • 7th century – present
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    The Pallava-Grantha script in Java developed into the so-called early Kawi script in the 8th century CE But Aung-Thwin argues that there is no extant evidence or linguistic proof linking the Old Dvaravati Mon script and the Burma Mon script. A number of Mon stone inscriptions have been found in Thaton and its environs, Lower Burma. They are all ...

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  4. After then large numbers of people migrated to the area from India and China, and Mon became marginalized. Mon was first written during the 6th century AD in two different scripts: one derived from the Grantha script, and one derived from the Kadamba or Grantha script. The Mon script first appeared in the Mayzedi inscriptions in 1113. Mon script

  5. Media in category "Old Mon script". The following 44 files are in this category, out of 44 total. Mon stone inscription-Old Mon Pali.svg 6,167 × 1,147; 469 KB. Mon stone inscription-ကိုဝ်အ္ၚန်.svg 1,704 × 980; 132 KB. Mon stone inscription-တၞံဇြဲသုမ်.svg 1,704 × 980; 110 KB.

  6. Media in category "Mon script" The following 142 files are in this category, out of 142 total. ... Old Mon script 35 characters.jpg 660 × 678; 46 KB. Phara-Pathom1.jpg.

  7. The Old Mon script was a script used to write Mon, and may also be the source script of the Burmese alphabet.

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