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  2. Top old school thrash metal artists |

    Browse the top old school thrash metal artists to find new music. Scrobble songs to get recommendations on tracks you'll love.

  3. Worship Metal's 5 Greatest Releases From Old-School Thrash ...

    Lets’ face it, alongside Death Angel, Titans of Creation simply confirmed Testament’s standing as the most consistently impressive old-school band (with a fully adapted modern sheen) in thrash and the likes of exhilarating openers “Children of the Next Level” and “WWIII” were rhythmic bulldozers.

  4. List of thrash metal bands - Wikipedia

    A new generation of thrash metal bands emerged in the early 2000s, drawing lyrical and visual inspiration from the older groups. Thrash metal was an inspiration for later extreme genres such as death metal and black metal. This list also includes certain bands which belong to the first wave of black metal.

  5. 10 Obscure Old School Thrash Bands to Check Out
    • Morbid Saint. Forming in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 1982, Morbid Saint spent the majority of the decade perfecting thrash's darkest traits. Their live act quickly established the band as a force to be reckoned with in the Midwestern metal scene, even becoming a favorite opener for the now legendary Death.
    • Mortal Sin. Forming in 1985, the Sydney natives quickly established themselves as Australia's premier thrash act. Releasing the energetic Mayhemic Destruction in 1987, the band secured their place in thrash's international fan base.
    • Excel. Formed from the ashes of Los Angeles punk band Chaotic Noise, Excel quickly went to work producing a series of demos and splits, becoming a key band in Venice's burgeoning crossover scene.
    • Holy Terror. Another Los Angeles area band, Holy Terror was formed by Kurt Colfelt following his departure from Agent Steel. As a genre of music that's engineered to rage at institutions, Holy Terror immediately identified themselves as thrash's most vicious critic of all things religious, releasing Terror and Submission in 1987 to an unsuspecting public.
  6. 30 Essential thrash metal bands that aren't the big four | Louder
    • Metal Hammer
    • Carnal Forge. Veterans of Sweden’s highly-populated melodic death metal scene, Carnal Forge have the dark spirit of thrash pulsing through their veins. After several albums of heads-down, no-nonsense speed worship, they’ve diversified somewhat in recent times, but if you want music that promises to kick your face off, few do it better.
    • Blood Tsunami. Powered ferociously along by former Emperor drummer and notorious ex-jailbird Faust, these Norwegian miscreants are so in love with thrash that they named their debut album after it.
    • Bolt Thrower. The Coventry crew released eight studio albums over the course of their thirty year career. Steadfastly influenced by thrash and punk, their energetic breed of death metal made a huge impact on the metal scene right up until they called it quits in 2016, following the death of their drummer Martin Kearns.
    • Death Angel. Once regarded as the most likely band to succeed The Big Four, Death Angel’s time for greatness might have gone. But, after a decade away, they re-formed in 2001, and have been busy since.
  7. Top 250 Underground Oldschool Thrash Bands - Rate Your Music

    First of all, the only bands I actually bothered putting in order is the first 20. Which are my current favourites, though they change all the time as I find new bands. I love every band on this list. I made this list cause I think these bands go unnoticed and need more attention. And so people can find cool bands they haven't heard. There's bands I haven't put in here because they're too well ...

  8. Classic Thrash

    Reviews of old school thrash metal albums.

  9. Raw Oldschool Thrash Metal - Rate Your Music

    Raw Oldschool Thrash Metal. Author: blacklace. Oldschool-sounding extreme Thrash, Death/Thrash, Speed/Thrash etc of every decade [No progressive Thrash on this list. I'll keep the Technical and melodic additions to a minimum]

  10. The 30 Greatest Thrash Bands of All Time | SPIN
    • Justin Farrar
    • Metallica. Sorry Slayer fans, but Metallica own the top spot. Not only did the Bay Area gods invent thrash, they’re its most popular band—and for good reason.
    • Slayer. In terms of hellish wrath and athletic musicianship, Slayer is the measuring stick by which all other thrashers are measured. Satan himself could start a band, and it wouldn’t sound half as terrifying as Slayer during their 1985-to-1990 peak.
    • Sepultura. The only band that even comes close to equaling Slayer’s superhuman balance of unmitigated rage and sheer technical wizardry are their protégés in Sepultura.
    • Testament. No band more effectively bridge thrash savagery and classic metal heroics than Testament. The Bay Area greats boast a primal barker in cancer survivor Chuck Billy and an insane one-two punch in guitarists Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson, whose respective styles, earsplitting melodicism, and crushing force produce a careening tension.
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