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  1. Change water heater elements without draining tanks!!!

  2. I have viewed some videos on the internet about changing a hot water heater element without draining the tank first. This is great and saves a ton of time. B...

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  4. Visit to buy manufacturer authorized parts for Rheem, Ruud, Richmond, Marathon, Eclipse, Vanguard, Hotpoint and General Electric (GE)...

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  5. In order to change a heating element of a hot water heater, the power will need to be turned off. Discover the dangers of changing a heating element with hel...

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  6. Learn how to change the heating element in a hot water heater. If you have no hot water due to the heating element going bad, this video shows how to remove ...

  7. How to Replace an Electric Water Heater Heating Element › replace-the-heating-element

    Position the new gasket on the heating element and insert the assembly into the water heater tank. Tighten a screw-in type heating element by threading it clockwise into the tank opening with a socket wrench until secure. For flange-type heating elements, insert the four mounting screws and tighten them down securely.

  8. Electric water heater heating element replacement procedure ... › plumbing › Electric_Water_Heater

    Remove the heating element. Some water heater elements screw into a large threaded opening on the water tank (as in our photo at left). We use a large 1.5" diameter socket wrench to get these elements out as it's easier than bumping around with a wrench. Turn the screw-in heating element counter-clockwise "leftie-loosie" to remove it.

  9. How to Remove Water Heater Elements: 13 Steps (with Pictures) › Remove-Water-Heater-Elements

    Aug 27, 2019 · If all fails, use hammer to remove terminals and plastic end of element > on the newly exposed surface of the element, drill and tap two 1/4" holes into element > keep holes close to center of element so not to damage the element threads > twist two long 1/4" bolts into holes > use a wrench or vice grips to grab the two bolts and twist to remove element.

  10. How Often Should One Change the Heating Elements in a Water ... › should-one-change-heating

    Buy a special wrench designed for tightening and loosening water heater elements. Pull the burned element out of its port, which may require some wriggling and twisting if the element has broken...

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