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    "I feel the strain... block it out, Omen." [If last round was Lost] Last Round Won "Good. Keep your focus." "I feel like myself... Catch them. Again." "Their fear blinds them." "Kick them when they're down." "Again. Hurt them again." Last Round Lost "Wait until I blind them to strike!" Last Round before switch "Spend everything. We keep nothing."

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  2. VALORANT - All Omen quotes / voice lines - YouTube

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  3. this video contains all valorant omen voice lines.incase you are curious here are all the tags of this video:valorant Omen voice lines, valorant Omen voice, ...

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  4. Omen | Valorant Wiki | Fandom

    Omen and Viper know each other before the Valorant protocol. Omen is working for the Kingdom company, evident by the letter K in his hood. Omen was a Human, he is not just a shadow. According to voice lines between Omen and Viper, they had a deep personal relationship. Update History

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  6. What We Know So Far About Valorant's Lore

    2 days ago · Omen's other Sabine-related voice lines, such as "Don't die here, Sabine! I need your secrets," and "Sabine, look at the monsters we've become!" suggest that he and Viper have a dark history together.

  7. All the agent ultimate voice line in VALORANT | GameRiv

    Jul 21, 2020 · All the Ultimate voice lines: Viper (Ally): “Don’t get in my way! “ Viper (Enemy): “Welcome to my world!”. Jett (Ally): “Watch this!”. Jett (Enemy): “Get out of my way!”. Breach (Ally): “Let’s go!”. Breach (Enemy): “Off your feet!”. Raze (Ally): “Here comes the party!”. Raze (Enemy): “Fire in the hole!”.

  8. The story behind the Valorant's Controller Agents

    Based on the in-game voice lines, Omen knew Viper before Valorant Protocol and shared a deep personal relationship. It is evident that he is working for Kingdom Corporation based on the K insignia...

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