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  1. going meaning: 1. how quickly you do something: 2. how easy or difficult something is: 3. the condition of the…. Learn more.

  2. 3. as in successful. having attained a desired end or state of good fortune our continued partnership with them is a going concern. Synonyms & Similar Words. successful. prosperous. thriving. in clover. coming.

  3. Going to: future. We can use a present form of be + going to + the base form of a main verb to talk about the future. We use it for plans and intentions, predictions and commands: I’m going to buy a new car next week. (plan or intention) You’re not going to do all this in an hour.

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  5. n. 1. a departure or farewell. 2. the condition of a surface such as a road or field with regard to walking, riding, etc: muddy going. 3. informal speed, progress, etc: we made good going on the trip. adj. 4. thriving (esp in the phrase a going concern) 5.

  6. going; going away; goodbye; hegira; leave-taking; migration; parting; passage; powder; quitting; recession; removal; retirement; retreat; sailing; separation; setting forth; setting-out; stampede; start; takeoff; taking leave; taking off; vacation; vanishing act; walkout; withdrawal; withdrawing

  7. Definition of going (to) present participle of go (to) as in consulting. to use or seek out as a source of aid, relief, or advantage when the sales representative refused to help us, we went to the store manager. Synonyms & Similar Words. Relevance. consulting.

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