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    Using some sloppy P.I. work, Rex announced on live television that Tate Harmon was gay, which caused a rift between Rex and Adriana, and eventually caused them to break up. Adriana continued to see Tate as a friend, but Rex continued to want to protect her.

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    We'd like to invite you to check out the latest breaking news for the show in the One Life to Live News Room, or browse updated Comings and Goings, and if you're daring, have a peek at our new One Life to Live Spoilers!

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    Rex Balsom (as played by John-Paul Lavoisier on One Life To Live) * Was married to Adriana Cramer. * Resides in a loft apartment in Angel's Square. * Robbed Renee at the Palace Hotel. * Started a...

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    Jan 11, 2010 · One Life to Live Spoilers Clint/Kim/Nora: . When Kim learns Rex is moving back in with Stacy, she gets an idea to get Clint to invite her to move... Rex/Stacy/Schuyler/Kyle/Fish: . Rex moves back into his loft to look after Stacy and what he thinks is his unborn child. Todd/Starr/Cole: . Cole asks ...

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    Feb 20, 2021 · What do you title a reboot of a soap that has that title anyway? Just a thought. Since Pine Valley is getting a reboot, let’s visit the possibility of my favorite cancelled soap getting a reboot - One Life to Live. If this happens, we may just have to re-up our subscription to 2021 just to see what happens. Good distractions aside, let’s see how this might be done.

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    • Character Concept
    • Character Introduction
    • Relationship with Jennifer Rappaport
    • Adrianna Cramer/Keeping Todd's Newborn from Him
    • Rex's Family History/Gigi Morasco/Rex's Son Revealed
    • Shane's Leukemia/Stacy Morasco
    • Finding Out His Biological Parents
    • Shane's Bullying/Gigi's "Death"/Plot of Revenge Aganist The Mannings
    • Stacy's Plot to Replace Gigi Revealed/Reunion with Gigi
    • Prospsal and Marriage

    With the character initially named "Jamie" prior to production, then-Executive Producer Gary Tomlin "toyed with the idea" of putting Rex in a gay storyline; Lavoisier stated in Soap Opera Digest in 2003 that he had been "asked by the higher powers at the show how I would feel about doing something like that. I said, 'Absolutely, any plot you want to give me, I'll take on strong.' And they said, 'Okay, we just wanted to check.'" However, this idea was never realized and the character has been repeatedly paired with women. Calling Rex a "heterosexual horndog," Lavoisier noted that he "added a glint in [Rex's] eye he'd lifted from Ryan Phillippe's ... Cruel Intentions character of Sebastian. 'They said, "Sure, go with that. Start with that." And that was pretty much it.'"

    Believing Roxy Balsom is her biological mother, newspaper heiress Jessica Buchanantravels to Michigan in 2002 to meet Roxy's son Rex. Money-hungry schemer Rex soon comes to Llanview to take advantage of the fact that Jessica is a member of the wealthy Buchanan family. Raised by his father's sister Corinne Balsom, Rex has an uneasy relationship with the wild, unreliable Roxy. It is ultimately revealed that Jessica had not been switched at birth with Rex's sister Natalie, but that the women are actually fraternal twins and both the daughters of Victoria Lord Davidson. Rex has remained close to Natalie, the "sister" he grew up with, and maintains a friendship with Jessica.

    Rex becomes involved with Jennifer Rappaport, a former manipulator who is trying to follow a more respectable path after the murder of her father. Torn between bad boy Rex and the wholesome clergyman Joey Buchanan, Jen first elopes with Rex in the summer of 2003 and then quickly divorces the union to marry Joey in a more traditional ceremony in August. Jen miscarries Joey's baby thanks to a bumpy motorcycle ride on Rex's bike; Rex extorts the deed to Jen's father's house from her by threatening to reveal their affair to Joey. The truth comes out and Jen and Joey divorce, but Jen begins a relationship with Riley Colson. Rex later has a short relationship with Jen's mother, Lindsay Rappaport.Opportunist Rex becomes a bit more respectable by taking over management of R.J. Gannon's nightclub Ultra Violet. Over the years, Rex parlays his street smarts and shady connections into a sideline career as an amateur private investigator. In occasionally aiding the police, Rex develops a friends...

    In 2006 Rex becomes romantically involved with Adriana Cramer, whose mother Dorian Lord disapproves of the match and goes to great lengths to keep them apart. When one of Dorian's plans backfires and puts Adriana into mortal danger, Rex comes to her rescue, finally convincing Dorian that he is a worthy mate for Adriana. In 2007 Rex and Adriana's relationship is tested by celebrity baseball pitcher Tate Harmon, who becomes romantically interested in Adriana and manipulates events to get close to her and cause conflict between Adriana and Rex. Jealous Rex's own investigations of Tate prompt Adriana to break up with Rex and start to date Tate, but Rex is later vindicated when Tate is revealed to be a white supremacist responsible for various anti-semitic and racially-motivated attacks in Llanview. Rex and Adriana reunite.Rex had been devastated by Jen's murder in May 2005, but the event had cemented his closeness to Jen's best friend Marcie Walsh and to Lindsay. While searching for Tod...

    Todd is awarded custody on October 9, 2007, but Marcie flees Llanview with Tommy. The search leads Rex to the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas, where he runs into waitress Gigi Morasco — his high school girlfriend. Rex apologizes for his sudden disappearance from her life in 2002 when he had left for Llanview, but does not realize the extent to which she had been hurt.The evasive Gigi, who is hiding Marcie and unaware of her friendship with Rex, lies about any knowledge of the fugitive. Agreeing with Rex that "it is a terrible thing for a father to not have the opportunity to watch his son grow up," Gigi says she has something to tell him. But she holds back as Rex mentions his plans to propose to Adriana; with Marcie anxious to get cash in order to leave the country, Gigi sells Rex Marcie's engagement ring. Gigi is unnerved as Rex and her son Shane — whose father she has told Shane is dead — nearly meet. Rex departs, leaving Gigi shaken. Rex returns to Llanview and proposes to Adriana...

    In March 2009, Shane is diagnosed with leukemia, and Roxy discovers that Rex's comatose father is a bone marrow match. Gigi's estranged ex-stripper sister Stacy Morasco, trying to get close to Rex, discovers Roxy's secret and blackmails Roxy into helping her pretend to be the donor. Stacy forces Gigi to break up with Rex in order for Stacy to save Shane; Gigi fakes an affair with Brody. Armed with a spare bag of his blood in case Shane needs it, Roxy pulls the plug on Rex's father; he survives and is spirited away by a nurse who tells Roxy he is dead. As Rex begins growing closer to Stacy after the affair, Gigi is able to prove that Stacy is not a match with the help of Schuyler Joplin. Gigi and Rex secretly reunite, and end Stacy's scheming. However, Stacy finds out that she is pregnant, having slept with Rex weeks earlier. She loses the baby but gets pregnant again by police officer Oliver Fish and passes it off as Rex's; his relationship with Gigi soon crumbles. In November 2009,...

    In April 2010, Rex learns that Roxy and Mitch are not his birth parents; his only tangible clue to his real parents is a necklace that was left with him when he was abandoned at birth. Rex's relationship with Gigi recovers to the point that she offers to accompany him on a trip to New Mexico to learn more about the necklace. Clues lead them to discover that Rex's parents had been a star-crossed couple named Rick and Lili who had been separated by circumstance. Unable to reunite with Rick, Lili had left Rex and died of a broken heart. Back in Llanview, Rex and Gigi declare their love for each other on June 8, 2010.In October 2010, Viki hires Rex to investigate Echo DiSavoy, who has returned to Llanview. In Echo's room, Rex finds one half of a heart necklace resembling his own. When Rex and Viki confront Echo about the necklace, she denies that there is any connection between them. Echo later confronts Clint Buchanan on November 5, 2010 and declares that they are Rex's biological pare...

    On April 19, 2011 Rex asked Gigi to marry him and she said yes, because they did love one another, and also to help give Shane some stability after his bullying by Jack Manning, which almost led him to commit suicide if not for the interference of Rex and Gigi. On June 16, 2011, On the day when Rex and Gigi were appose to be married, Gigi falls from into to a trap set by Jack for Shane, at an Abandon House, ending up being locked in a basement with a faulty generator leaking carbon monoxide. Rex (unaware of Gigi's location), at the courthouse is confronted by Jack and Tea, in which Jack is surprise to Shane at the Courthouse. Rex starts to suspect that Jack made be the reason for Gigi's disappearance. He checks on Tea's laptop, through Shane's Myface, reliazing that Gigi has posed as Shane, and went to the address that Jack had set a trap for Shane. Rex rushes to the abandon house, warning Jack she better be okay. Rex gets to the basement to find an unconsicous Gigi passed out. He t...

    On August 25, 2011 Rex sees that the year of Gigi's death has been scratched out on her tombstone at her grave site in the cemetery. Rex then has Gigi's grave exhumed to see if Gigi is really alive or not. Rex then discovers that Gigi's corpse is still in the casket, meaning that Rex is really seeing Gigi's ghost after all! Unfortunately, Rex discovers that his son Shane had just witnessed his father exhuming his mother's grave, and becomes very upset at his Dad for what he did to his deceased mother. Kim later visits Gigi's grave after Rex exhumed her grave and buries it again, and she leaves a bouquet of flowers she stole from Asa Buchanan's grave, and leaves them next to Gigi's grave. When Victor Lord Jr. (who turns out to be the real Todd Manning's twin brother!) is later murdered by a mysterious person, Echo starts to think that her son Rex might be the suspect in Victor's murder, and then finds Roxy selling her belongings at a flea market outside in Angel Square. She tells Rox...

    Rex then called Shane to tell him he has a surprise for him when he comes back home, and Shane tells him he has a surprise for him too. When Rex comes back home to Llanview, he arrives at Llanfair to surprise Shane with his still-alive mother, explaining to him that Stacy, not Gigi, was the one that died in that basement instead! Shane then told his parents that he put Jack in prison for Gigi's "death", even though it was Stacy that really died in that basement instead. Gigi then found out from Rex that he was in a romantic relationship with Aubrey when he still thought that Gigi was dead, but Rex told Gigi that his feelings towards Aubrey disappeared when he found out that Gigi was still alive. While Gigi and Shane went over to the police station to reveal Gigi still being alive and to confront Shane, Rex headed back to the Buchanan Mansion to break the news to Aubrey about Gigi and Stacy. Rex told Aubrey that Gigi was still alive, and that Stacy was the one that died in that basem...

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    Next on One Life to Live: Rex finds Gigi and Schuyler in an embrace! Bo and Nora rehash their feelings. Stacy weighs her options for a new baby daddy. Things between Rachel and Greg get heated. Thank-you for your comments and feedback! We do ask that our visitors abide by the Guidelines and try to keep all posts on the topic of the show. If you ...

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    Apr 30, 2020 · By Taylor Hancen Rios On Apr 30, 2020. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) will be in Paris and run into a former flame. He catches up with Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey), who pretends that Rachel Isabella DiMera Black (the May twins) is her baby. However, Sarah eventually admits the truth and begs Rex to keep her secret. What will he decide to do about the troubling situation?

  9. Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara Trying To Save Ben’s Life ... › 2021 › days-of-our-lives

    Jul 24, 2021 · Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) is trying a bit too hard to anger Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). She’s doing everything to not just move on, but to actually push him away. It seems as if this goes beyond her just not remembering him. Could she be doing this and faking her amnesia in order to save his life from an unseen villain? Days Of Our Lives ...

  10. Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Ciara Is About To Make The ... › 2021 › days-of-our-lives-dool

    Jul 21, 2021 · Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Ciara Is One Determined Woman. Claire (Isabel Durant) is determined to make sure Ciara (Victoria Konefal) doesn’t marry Theo (Cameron Johnson), while Ciara is determined to marry Theo despite there being something in her gut telling her it’s the wrong thing to do. Although she denies it, there is still a pull between her and Ben (Robert Scott Wilson).

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