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  1. Episode 1 I'm Luffy! The Man Who's Gonna Be King of the Pirates! 25:02 | English, Japanese TV-14 Episode 2 Enter the Great Swordsman! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro! 25:02 | English, Japanese TV-14 Episode 3 Morgan versus Luffy! Who's the Mysterious Pretty Girl? 25:02 | English, Japanese TV-14 Episode 4

  2. • 3 mo. ago SagattariusAStar One Piece Eng Dub Release Schedule 2023 Misc Here i want to keep an overview for the currently known eng dub release schedule, which i want to keep updated, if there are any news. Thanks also to everyone posting the news directly to the comments! Episodes gets normally released on Tuesdays, shortly after midnight (PST)

  3. One Piece is NOW STREAMING in both Sub and Dub on Crunchyroll. Sign up to start watching today. JUMP ABOARD Continuing Simulcasts & New Dubs (Find More on Crunchyroll) Just Add Water What's Popular Right Now Eerie-sistable Anime Shows To Binge Like a Demon Pirates, Bandits, and Outlaws! You've Gotta Be Kitten Me! Anime With Cattitude Back to School

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  5. One Piece: Stampede | Watch on Funimation One Piece Movies Episode 14 One Piece: Stampede Uncut • English The world’s boldest buccaneers set sail for the great Pirate Festival where the Straw Hats join a mad-dash race to find Gol D. Roger’s treasure.

    • There's A Reason Why One Piece Stands at The Pinacle of All Anime in Japan.
    • One Piece Is The King of Shonens
    • One Piece Makes Me Cry Kittens
    • Best Anime Ever....!

    Don't let the odd art style or ridiculous number of episodes deter you from watching this masterpiece. There will never be a boring moment. You will experience some of the greatest laughs and feels from this series. Just when you think you have the characters figured out, they surprise you. Oda never forgets a single one of the characters that he c...

    One Piece can simply be defined as: constant adventure. It has a truly amazing cast of characters that you will come to love as you learn about their stories and watch them grow. One Piece is a fantastic adventure with epic fight scenes, imaginative characters, wild landscapes, and unforgettable music. You will laugh, cry, feel anger, sadness, and ...

    ONE PIECE IS AMAZING IN EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM Even though the story progression might be slow for some, it is STABLE. Once this adventure is over, it might even become a religion. 1.5K out of 1791 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? This anime is a pretty long series. I have watched countless hours of this anime and i must...

    This is a really complete anime. It just have everything. I ́ve been watching anime... all my life (more than 30 years) and I have to tell this show is by far the best one out there. But you have to watch it from the start to realize how great it is! I have to congratulate CR, this one was missing from your library! 735 out of 897 people found this...

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  6. Nov 25, 2023 · One Piece English Dub Release Schedule Update for Crunchyroll and Funimation Story by Hiptoro • 18h One Piece dub fans, rejoice! The latest batch of One Piece dub comprising...

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