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  1. List of One Life to Live cast members - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_One_Life_to_Live

    This is a list of actors and actresses who have had roles on the soap opera One Life to Live.For a full historical character listing, see List of One Life to Live characters

  2. List of Person of Interest characters - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Person_of_Interest
    • Persons of Interest
    • Organised Crime Figures
    • New York City Police Department
    • HR
    • The Government
    • Decima Technologies
    • Vigilance

    This is a list of characters who were in danger and helped out by Team Machine. They become allies to the Team in future episodes.

    Carl Elias

    Carl G. Elias (played by Enrico Colantoni), also known as Charlie Burton, is a nascent crime boss and the illegitimate son of Mafia don Gianni Moretti. Elias is determined to revive the crime families of New York City and to eliminate the Russian mob, with the assistance of HR. In 1981, a young Carl Elias was implied to have been living with a foster family. He was being treated for wounds sustained during a fight which broke out after he was called a bastard due to his lack of a father. He a...

    Anthony Marconi

    Anthony S. "Scarface" Marconi (played by David Valcin) is a member of Elias's mob group, and is his second-in-command and principal enforcer. He is also informally known as Scarface due to an easily identifiable scar on his right cheek coupled with the fact that his name is never mentioned by any of the characters in any episode he appears in. Marconi is mistaken by many to be a HR officer. He actually only works for Elias, and his police jacket is a disguise. When his boss, Carl Elias, was o...

    Bruce Moran

    Bruce Moran (played by James LeGros) Elias' accountant and close friend of both him and Anthony Marconi from boyhood. He is eventually killed by Samaritan agents and discovered by Fusco in a dumping ground for Samaritan victims. The killer is later revealed to be FBI Agent Martin LeRoux who is in reality a Samaritan agent.

    Cal Beecher

    New York City Police Department Narcotics Detective Calvin T. Beecher (played by Sterling K. Brown) is a narcotics detective who works at Carter's precinct, whom Carter has begun a relationship with. He helps Carter with the Drakes case ("Til Death"). He later asks Carter out on a date when she says that she owes him a favor for helping her with the case. She agrees to go out with him. Beecher is Alonzo Quinn's godson and gives his godfather information ("Shadow Box"). It is unknown if Beeche...

    Bill Szymanski

    New York City Police Department Detective Bill Szymanski (played by Michael McGlone) is a police detective in the organized crime division at NYPD 8th Precinct who assisted Carter with a mob murder committed by Carl Elias ("Witness", "Baby Blue"). He is an honest cop, that Carter entrusted with the job of guarding Gianni Moretti, Elias' father. Ultimately, Reese had to reveal Moretti's location to Elias in order to save a person of interest, and Szymanski was severely injured in the line of d...

    Joseph Soriano

    New York City Police Department Detective Joseph Soriano (played by Ned Eisenberg) is an Internal Affairs Division detective who twice investigates Lionel Fusco. He first appears in (2.20 "In Extremis") when he investigates information from a jailhouse informant that links Fusco to the disappearance of Narcotics detective James Stills. Fusco feigns ignorance about the fate of the detective, but Soriano seems to get concrete proof when cadaver dogs signal the location of a body at a spot where...

    The following characters are involved in the HR storyline, in which a group of corrupt police officers work in collaboration with an up-and-coming mob boss to control organized crime in New York.

    The following characters are tied to a government conspiracy related to the development and use of the Machine.

    The following characters are involved in the Decima Technologies storyline, a shadowy organization that is in possession of the Samaritan AI:

    The following characters are involved in the Vigilance story line, in which a violent organization professes to protect people's privacy from government intrusion.

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    Below is a list of actors and actresses that were part of the cast of the American comedy-drama television series Monk. The show's main stars included, at some point, Tony Shalhoub , Bitty Schram , Traylor Howard , Ted Levine , and Jason Gray-Stanford .

  4. List of Days of Our Lives cast members - Wikipedia › wiki › Days_of_Our_Lives_cast_members

    Recurring cast members Actor Character Duration Elin Alexander Holly Jonas: 2020–present John Aniston: Eric Richards 1970 Victor Kiriakis: 1985–present Julian Barnes Harold 2009–present Cary Christopher Thomas DiMera: 2020–present Linda Dano: Vivian Alamain: 2021 Judi Evans: Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis: 1986–1991, 2007–2008, 2010–2020 Bonnie Lockhart

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    Main cast; Chuck Bartowski: Zachary Levi: Agent Sarah Walker: Yvonne Strahovski: Col. John Casey: Adam Baldwin: Morgan Grimes: Joshua Gomez: Dr. Ellie Woodcomb: Sarah Lancaster: Dr. Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb: Ryan McPartlin: Ryan McPartlin: Michael "Big Mike" Tucker: Mark Christopher Lawrence: Mark Christopher Lawrence: Jeff Barnes Scott Krinsky: Scott Krinsky

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    Superman & Lois cast and characters Character Season 1 (2021) Further series Introduced in season 1 Kyle Cushing Erik Valdez M: Sarah Cushing Inde Navarrette M: Jordan Kent Alexander Garfin M Dawson Littman Lana Lang: Emmanuelle Chriqui M: John Henry Irons Captain Luthor: Wolé Parks M: Introduced in other series Morgan Edge Adam Rayner M: Clark Kent Superman

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    Past cast member Anthony Geary, who portrayed Luke Spencer, was the sixth longest-running cast member, having joined General Hospital in November 1978. The following list is of cast members who are currently on the show: the main and recurring cast members, or those who are debuting, departing or returning to the series.

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    Alone is an American reality television series on History.It follows the self-documented daily struggles of 10 individuals (seven paired teams in season 4) as they survive alone in the wilderness for as long as possible using a limited amount of survival equipment.

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    Cast members. Actor Character Duration David Ackroyd: Dave Gilchrist: 1974–77 Mason Adams: Frank Prescott: 1976–77 Denise Alexander: Mary McKinnon: 1986–89, 1991

  10. List of The Only Way Is Essex cast members - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_The_Only_Way_Is
    • Current Cast
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    This is a list of the current cast members appearing in the show in order of their first appearance.

    As well as appearing in The Only Way Is Essex, some of the cast members have competed in other reality TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, Let's Sing and Dance, Splash!, Dancing on Ice, Celebrity Super Spa, The Jump, Tumble, Strictly Come Dancing, Get Your Act Together, Celebrity MasterChef, Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, Dance Dance Dance, Love Island, Celebs on the Farm, Celebrity Coach Trip, Celebs on the Ranch and The X Factor: Celebrity.

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