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  1. ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING Official Trailer Teaser (2021) Selena Gomez, TV Series HD© 2021 - Hulu

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  2. Check out the new Only Murders in the Building Season 1 Trailer starring Selena Gomez! Let us know what you think in the comments below. Learn more about th...

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  3. Jul 27, 2021 · Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez team up to uncover “the who, the how, the why and the why not” in the first full-length trailer for Hulu’s true-crime comedy Only Murders in the ...

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    Hulu confirmed Only Murders in the Buildingwill drop on Tuesday, Aug. 31, with new episodes released weekly. There will be 10 episodes total. “It’s really special, surprisingly emotional,” Craig Erwich, the head of Hulu originals, told Deadline when the show was first announced in August 2020. “It’s really modern and self-referential about podcasts and murders, it’s got some great surprises. When they pull this off, it’s going to be really special.” Gomez herself is a huge true crime fan and even attended CrimeCon Chicagowith her mom in February 2020.

    Check out a first look at Gomez's acting chops below. (Spoiler: She's still got it.) And in late July, the series released an extended trailer, in which it seems Gomez, Martin and Short get well in over their heads:

    Besides Gomez, Martin, and Short, expect a number of other familiar faces from the comedy, drama, and music worlds. Nathan Lane will play a recurring role as “a building resident and owner of a popular New York City grocery chain,” Deadline reportedon Jan. 13. Amy Ryan is also set to star in an undisclosed role. Martin tweeted about Sting’s involvement in the show in January. And Jane Lynch also made an appearance with Martin—complete with matching costumes—on his Twitter feed in March.

    Expect a little of both. During an Instagram Live in February, Gomez opened up about the tone of the show and what it’s like working with Martin and Short. “The show is actually really fun,” she revealed. “It’s kind of a dramedy, so there’s moments that are real and then there are other moments that are complete chaos and hilarious. I’m working with Steve Martin and Martin Short and if you don’t know their work, by the way, they’re pretty amazing people to be around.” Short gave a full breakdown of the series to The Daily Beastduring a wide-ranging interview last August.

    For Gomez’s April Vogue cover, Martin opened up about the choice to cast her. “You get a list of names, you know, you’re thinking, ‘Sure, they’d be good, they’d be good,’ and then they say, ‘What about Selena Gomez?’ and it’s just—yes, of course. There was no question except ‘Can we get her?’ We knew she would enhance the show in so many ways, the number one being talent,” he explained. “Her performance is rich and adult. She’s learned to underplay when necessary. Marty and I are pretty manic, and she’s this solid, solid rock foundation. She’s nicely, intensely low-key.”

    Gomez will have an onscreen love interest in Aaron Dominguez. Paparazzi photographed the two filming in NYC in February; Gomez was snapped cuddling alongside Dominguez as they shared a sweet smile. Gomez’s fan base went wild after seeing the photo, assuming the pair were dating IRL and spamming his Instagram. Gomez later addressed the situation in a March interview with the L.A. Times. “We had just started working together,” Gomez said. “I honestly thought, ‘No wonder guys don’t want to date me!’ I think people only care because I’m young, and the older I get the less they’ll care. For now it’s a part of the job that I don’t really like. I’m actually grateful that I’m not involved with anyone right now.” Dominguez also joined Gomez’s IG Live in February, and the pair’s chemistry was apparent.

    Gomez is involved, so yes, expect the fashion to be top-notch. Hulu released the first photos from the series on May 20, and three include Gomez sporting a cheerful mustard- and canary-yellow outfit alongside her co-stars. On December 3, Martin shared his excitement about the first day of filming on Twitter. Sporting a masked selfie, he took the opportunity to celebrate Gomez and poke fun at Short. Paparazzi captured Gomez filming with Martin and Short many times in December, January, February, and March. Her covetable costumes include a chic all-black suit, a preppy plaid miniskirt, and a ton of great coats. Most recently, she wore a navy checkered trench and bright yellow pantswhile filming in the Bronx. Here's hoping dressing up as Mabel will be this October's trendiest Halloween costume.

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  5. Jul 28, 2021 · 'Only Murders in the Building' Has a Thrilling New Trailer Sabrina Park 7/28/2021 'We have to fight too hard': For civil rights leaders, Arbery verdict is a victory.

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  6. › video › vi1534902297Official Trailer

    Official Trailer. Welcome to The Arconia. We're all neighbors here, but if I were you, I wouldn't trust anyone. 'Only Murders In The Building' streams 8/31, only on hulu.

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