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  1. Jul 24, 2008 · When installing, choose 'Network Printer' in the setup and choose a manual location which should be the IP of your live box. Mine is I think, but you may need to go into the setup screen for the Livebox to check. Within a browser type 'configuration.adsl' and you should be presented with a password prompt.

  2. Jan 19, 2012 · Nakatsu_Hime Active Member May 22, 2012 #6 catalac, Usually, Orange Livebox will put an admin webpage link on your PC to administrate the Livebox. You change the channel number using that admin intranet page. Not sure how Orange pre setup the Livebox, but did you get a setup CD with it?

  3. Feb 12, 2010 · hi, my client is getting the 806 error when trying to connect to my vista host that i believe uses the Inventel orange livebox. i've associated the port 1723 with my host ip but i think the issue is the box not permitting protocol 47 (GRE). there's doesn't look to be anywhere to enable/check for this. the settings are pretty naff.

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  4. Mar 24, 2007 · I have had alot of trouble connecting my Orange Livebox to things, nintendo wii and of course the playstation 3. I finally connected my PS3 by entering in the large 24-26 code on the box and before clicking start/enter pressing the number 1 button on the box.

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  5. Jan 10, 2009 · There were two buttons (1 & 2) on the side. I had to press 1 and the router started flashing for 10 minutes, during this time you can attach new items (with the relevant password etc) outside this 10 minute window, only units already "paired" will be able to attach even though anyone can see the wireless ID. Hope this helps Zogsterjack The Spaniard

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  6. Mar 13, 2008 · Xbox Forums Getting Open NAT on Orange Livebox Mafro Mar 13, 2008 Mafro Novice Member Mar 13, 2008 #1 My NAT setting is currently set to moderate and I want to change it to open. I found a guide on port forwarding for it here

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    Oct 20, 2009 · As has been said you don't really need the discs once the key has been put into steam. PC: AMD 3700X, Gigabyte Aorus Ultra X570, Deepcool Castle 360 RGB AIO, 32gb Corsair LPX DDR4, WD Blue 500gb NVME, 2 x 2TB Crucial MX500 SSD, , 2 x 3TB WD Black HDD, Seasonic Plus Gold 850W PSU, MSI Gaming Z 2070, Corsair 780T.

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