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    In mathematics, an ordered pair ( a, b) is a pair of objects. The order in which the objects appear in the pair is significant: the ordered pair ( a, b) is different from the ordered pair ( b, a) unless a = b. (In contrast, the unordered pair { a, b } equals the unordered pair { b, a }.)

  2. Any point on the Cartesian or the coordinate plane is written as a combination of two values. For example, the point (x, y) when represented on the coordinate plane describes the distance of the point in relation to the origin. So this point (x, y) is called an ordered pair.

  3. Introduction. A pair of items that have a specific significance for the order of their placements is called an ordered pair. Ordered pairs are typically used to represent a point on a coordinate plane in coordinate geometry. They can also be used to indicate relationships between items.

  4. Explore the concept of numerical patterns, focusing on how to generate, identify, and graph these patterns on a coordinate plane. Understand the relationships between corresponding terms in two different patterns and how these relationships can be represented as ordered pairs. Created by Sal Khan.

  5. Plotting a point (ordered pair) Google Classroom About Transcript Plotting ordered pairs on a coordinate plane is like a treasure hunt! The first number tells us how many steps to hop right or left on the x-axis. The second number guides us up or down on the y-axis. So, for (6, -8), we hop 6 steps right and 8 steps down.

  6. An ordered pair is a fundamental concept in mathematics, specifically in set theory and geometry. It’s a pair of mathematical objects in which the order of the objects matters. An ordered pair is typically written in the form (a, b), where ‘a’ and ‘b’ could be numbers, variables, or even other mathematical objects.

  7. In mathematics, an ordered pair is a set of two numbers usually written in the form (a, b). The order of the two numbers is important— (a, b) is different from (b, a) unless a equals b. Ordered pairs are commonly used to specify a location on a map or coordinate plane.

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