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  1. In music, organ is a word that can mean several kinds of musical instruments. The word comes from the Greek ὄργανον organon, which means "organ", "instrument", or "tool". Most organs are played using keyboards, one or more of which may be played using the feet.

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    Because music racks are often built quite low to preserve sightlines over the console, organ music is usually published in oblong or landscape format. Jazz [ edit ] Electronic organs and electromechanical organs such as the Hammond organ have an established role in a number of popular-music genres, such as blues, jazz, gospel, and 1960s and ...

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    Wikipedia encourages being bold with edits. No need to post on the talk page first unless you're editing about a contentious topic, or if you think your edit really would benefit from discussion. Howicus (Did I mess up?) 17:41, 25 March 2017 (UTC) 2017 proposal to ambiguate. There is a proposal to make Organ (anatomy) the primary topic of Organ.

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    Nov 21, 2019 · The organ is a keyboard instrument played using one or more manuals and a pedalboard. It uses wind moving through metal or wood pipes and/or it uses sampled organ sounds or oscillators to produce sound, which remains constant while a key is depressed.

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    Download sheet music for Organ. Choose from Organ sheet music for such popular songs as Festive Trumpet Tune - Trumpet & Organ, Davy Jones, and Roundabout. Print instantly, or sync to our free PC, web and mobile apps.

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    A section on organ repertoire (including manuals-only and pedals-only music) and organist-composers. For new compositions and new music in performance, visit New Music. June 8, 2020 June 11, 2020

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    Jun 15, 2017 · The theatre organ was originally designed for accompaniment to silent movies. An organ would sit in the back of a movie theatre, and an organist would play during the film. Because they are compact and simpler to play than grand cathedral-style pipe organs, they became popular for many genres.

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    Poulenc’s Organ Concerto is one of the most frequently performed pieces of original organ music not written in the Baroque period. Princess Edmond de Polignac originally commissioned the piece to be written as an easy organ piece for her to be able to play herself with a chamber orchestra accompaniment - however, Poulenc quickly dismissed ...

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    In Germany, a revival of interest in organ music began with Felix Mendelssohn who wrote six Sonatas, three Preludes and Fugues, and several smaller works for the organ. Josef Rheinberger wrote 20 sonatas for the organ and numerous smaller works, all of which blend the romantic style with the contrapuntal complexity of the old German masters.

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    The King of Instruments. King of Instruments is the Organ Media Foundation's first foray into terrestrial radio. This is a weekly show of classical organ music produced in conjunction with the St. Louis Chapter of the American Guild of Organists and cooperation with the Radio Arts Foundation of St. Louis.