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    Because music racks are often built quite low to preserve sightlines over the console, organ music is usually published in oblong or landscape format. Jazz [ edit ] Electronic organs and electromechanical organs such as the Hammond organ have an established role in a number of popular-music genres, such as blues, jazz, gospel, and 1960s and ...

    • Halloween Organ Recital 2017
    • Hockey Organ Music - Sound Effect - 2017
    • Phantasy in D Minor (Epic Organ Music)
    • The Land Of The Dead
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    The film has seen generally negative reception from English critics. Derek Elley of Variety compared the film to the Japanese film Tetsuo: The Iron Man stating that "where 'Tetsuo' had a cartoonish energy, 'Organ' is an increasingly limp farrago of body make up and ketchup. Fujiwara makes an impressions as the bizarre one-eyed amazon, but her ...

    • Kenji Nasa
    • July 6, 1996
    • Kei Fujiwara, Binbun Furusawa, Koichi Toda
    • Kei Fujiwara, Kimihiko Hasegawa, Yosiaki Maekawa, Kenji Nasa
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    2017 has been a record year for non-Hollywood foreign films in the Chinese market, with the success of films such as India's Dangal, Thailand's Bad Genius and Spain's Contratiempo. As of November 5, 2017 [update] , non-Hollywood imports account for 72% ($519.7 million) of the year's foreign film box office revenue so far ($723 million), with ...

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  5. In music, organ is a word that can mean several kinds of musical instruments. The word comes from the Greek ὄργανον organon , which means " organ ", " instrument ", or " tool ". Most organs are played using keyboards , one or more of which may be played using the feet .

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    A theatre organ (also known as a theater organ, or [especially in the U.K.] a cinema organ) is a distinct type of pipe organ originally developed to provide music and sound effects to accompany silent films during the first 3 decades of the 20th century.

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    Organ music in the baroque can be divided into works based on Lutheran chorales (e.g. chorale preludes and chorale fantasias) and those not (e.g. toccatas, fantasias and free preludes). There are marked stylistic differences between the composers of North, South and Central Germany such that further generalisation is inaccurate.

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    Organ, a 1965 film directed by Štefan Uher; Organ, a 1996 Japanese film about organ thieves; The Organ, a 1965 Slovak film; Periodicals. Organ, any official periodical (i.e., magazine, newsletter, or similar publication) of an organization; Organ, a UK music magazine run by Organart; The Organ, an underground newspaper published in San Francisco

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    Drama / Comedy / Music: Entered into the 2017 Shanghai International Film Festival: S De Mi Mi: 21 Father and Son: Yuan Weidong: Da Peng, Fan Wei, Zhang Tianai: Drama / Comedy: Entered into the 2017 Shanghai International Film Festival: Mystery Zone:Soul Eating Hill: Tea Pets: Entered into the 2017 Shanghai International Film Festival

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    It, retroactively known as It Chapter One, is a 2017 American supernatural horror film based on Stephen King's 1986 novel of the same name. Produced by New Line Cinema, KatzSmith Productions, Lin Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment, and distributed by Warner Bros. It is the first film in the It film series as well as being the second adaptation following Tommy Lee Wallace's 1990 miniseries.

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