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    5 days ago · Organ music was seldom written in the Classical era, as composers preferred the piano with its ability to create dynamics. In Germany, the six sonatas op. 65 of Felix Mendelssohn (published 1845) marked the beginning of a renewed interest in composing for the organ.

    • Organ, Church organ (used only for Pipe organs in houses of worship)
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  3. List of organ compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach - Wikipedia

    Jan 14, 2021 · Organ compositionsby Johann Sebastian Bachrefers to the compositions in the seventh chapterof the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis(BWV, catalogue of Bach's compositions),or, in the New Bach Edition, the compositions in Series IV.

  4. Todd Wilson (organist) - Wikipedia

    Nov 10, 2020 · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Todd Wilson is an American organist. He is head of the organ department at Cleveland Institute of Music, house organist at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron and organ curator of the Cleveland Orchestra.

  5. Jan 02, 2021 · From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A barrel organ plays music by using turning a barrel, with notes decided by an arrangement of pins. It is very similar to a simple music box where the pins pluck a metal harp.

    • 412.132, (Aerophones)
  6. Dieterich Buxtehude - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · The Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 4. Macmillan. 2001. pp. 695–710. A concise summary of Buxtehude's life and works, a bibliography, and a complete list of works and sources. Gorman, Sharon Lee (1990). Rhetoric and Affect in the Organ Praeludia of Dieterich Buxtehude (1637–1707) (Thesis). Stanford University.

  7. Jan 12, 2021 · Organ atau organa adalah alat musik tuts yang mempunyai suara yang unik. Sekarang, organ diproduksi dengan cara elektronik. Namun, pada awalnya, suara organ didapat dari pipa. Suara yang dihasilkan organ sangat unik. Karena: Suaranya berkelanjutan, tidak semakin kecil (selama tuts masih ditekan).

  8. Dec 29, 2020 · From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In Anglican church music, a Service is a piece of music for the choir to sing during a service of worship. It uses the words which are a traditional part of the service. The choir is usually accompanied by the organ, but sometimes it can be just for choir without organ.

  9. Dec 29, 2020 · You can help Wikipedia by reading Wikipedia:How to write Simple English pages, then simplifying the article. ( August 2016 ) A fugue is a piece of music written for a certain number of parts (voices) .

  10. Jan 12, 2021 · They make music. A large orchestra is sometimes called a "symphony orchestra" and a small orchestra is called a "chamber orchestra". A symphony orchestra may have about 100 players, while a chamber orchestra may have 30 or 40 players. The number of players will depend on what music they are playing and the size of the place where they are playing.

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