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    Because the organ has both manuals and pedals, organ music has come to be notated on three staves. The music played on the manuals is laid out like music for other keyboard instruments on the top two staves, and the music for the pedals is notated on the third stave or sometimes, to save space, added to the bottom of the second stave as was the ...

  2. Organ - Wikipedia

    Organ, a division within an organization, for example, organs of United Nations Organs of state , branches of power within a government Organ, an old word for a mental faculty , particularly in the context of phrenology

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  4. Sociomusicology - Wikipedia

    The sociology of music looks specifically at these connections and the musical experiences tied to the person and the music itself. In addition, the act of making music is a social production as well as a social activity. Even if the music artist is a solo performer, the production of the music itself, took a level of social effort.

  5. organo - Wiktionary

    Oct 24, 2020 · Borrowed from Esperanto organo, English organ, French organe, German Organ, Italian organo, Russian о́рган (órgan), Spanish órgano, all ultimately from Latin organum, from Ancient Greek ὄργανον (órganon), from Proto-Indo-European *werǵ-. Pronunciation . IPA : /orˈɡ Noun . organo (plural organi) organ

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    A subfield of the sociology of health and illness that overlaps with cultural sociology is the study of death, dying and bereavement, sometimes referred to broadly as the sociology of death. This topic is exemplified by the work of Douglas Davies and Michael C. Kearl.

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    Music is an art form, and a cultural activity, whose medium is sound.General definitions of music include common elements such as pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics (loudness and softness), and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture (which are sometimes termed the "color" of a musical sound).

  8. Organal | Definition of Organal by Merriam-Webster

    Organal definition is - of or being an organum. How to use organal in a sentence.

  9. A Young Person’s Guide to the Organ: Glossary of Terms

    the parts of an organ that connect the keys with the pipes. ... refers to instruments and music of the 19th century or in that style. Salicional. a string stop. Scale.

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    Meaning (philosophy), definition, elements, and types of meaning discussed in philosophy; Meaning (non-linguistic), a general term of art to capture senses of the word "meaning", independent from its linguistic uses; The meaning of life, the significance, purpose, or worth of human existence; Meaning may also refer to:

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