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  1. List of film noir titles - Wikipedia

    Film noir is not a clearly defined genre (see here for details on the characteristics). Therefore, the composition of this list may be controversial. To minimize dispute the films included here should preferably feature a footnote linking to a reliable, published source which states that the mentioned film is considered to be a film noir by an expert in this field, e.g. [] [] [] []

  2. Film Noir (album) - Wikipedia

    Film Noir is the seventeenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Carly Simon, released in 1997.. It is Simon's third album devoted to standards. Jimmy Webb co-produced the album and contributed his vocals, orchestration and piano skills to the project which was filmed for an AMC documentary (which premiered in September 1997).

    • 1996-7 New York City
    • Standards
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  4. Film noir - Wikipedia

    The primary literary influence on film noir was the hardboiled school of American detective and crime fiction, led in its early years by such writers as Dashiell Hammett (whose first novel, Red Harvest, was published in 1929) and James M. Cain (whose The Postman Always Rings Twice appeared five years later), and popularized in pulp magazines such as Black Mask.

  5. Noir - Wikipedia

    Film noir, a film genre Neo-noir, a modern form of film noir; Horror noir, psychological horror and supernatural horror mystery in a noir film or an occult detective ghost hunter film; Tech-noir, technophiles and technology harming a society in a dystopian setting; Folk noir, a music genre; Noir fiction, a literary genre closely related to ...

  6. Meridian (film) - Wikipedia

    Meridian is a 2016 film noir thriller film directed by Curtis Clark and written by Clark and James Harmon Brown. The film stars Kevin Kilner, Reid Scott, and Elyse Levesque, and focuses on detectives investigating the disappearances of three men in 1940s Los Angeles. It was released on Netflix and in September 2016.

    • ?
    • Malcolm Duncan
  7. Tech noir - Wikipedia

    Tech-noir (also known as cyber noir, future noir and science fiction noir) is a hybrid genre of fiction, particularly film, combining film noir and science fiction, epitomized by Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (1982) and James Cameron's The Terminator (1984).

  8. Meridian - Wikipedia

    Film and television. Meridian: Kiss of the Beast, 1990 horror and romance film directed by Charles Band "Meridian" (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), 1994 episode of the series "Meridian" (Stargate SG-1), 2002 episode of the series; Meridian, 2016 film noir thriller directed by Curtis Clark

  9. Zither - Wikipedia

    By the 1920s, this popularity had begun to wane, as other string instruments (notably guitars) increased in popularity along with the new fashion for jazz music. In the 1950s, interest in zithers resurfaced due in great measure to the success of the 1949 British film noir The Third Man.

  10. 55 Film Noir Titles Available To Stream Right Now

    Mar 03, 2016 · The classic period of film noir is generally recognized as a set of American titles released during the 1940s and 50s that were in part inspired by the hardboiled fiction of Raymond Chandler ...

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