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  1. Organ (music) - Wikipedia

    From their creation on radio in the 1930s to the times of television in the early 1970s soap operas incorporated organ music in the background of scenes and in their opening and closing theme music. In the early 1970s the organ was phased out in favour of more dramatic, full-blown orchestras, which in turn were replaced with more modern pop ...

  2. Organ repertoire - Wikipedia

    In Germany, a revival of interest in organ music began with Felix Mendelssohn who wrote six Sonatas, three Preludes and Fugues, and several smaller works for the organ. Josef Rheinberger wrote 20 sonatas for the organ and numerous smaller works, all of which blend the romantic style with the contrapuntal complexity of the old German masters.

  3. List of organ compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach - Wikipedia

    The Organ Music of J.S. Bach (2nd edition). Cambridge University Press, 2003. Cambridge University Press, 2003. ISBN 0-521-89115-9 , ISBN 978-0-521-89115-8

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  5. The Organ (band) - Wikipedia

    The Organ began touring heavily across Canada, the United States and Europe. They also produced a music video for "Brother," (directed by Robert Morfitt) arguably the strongest of the seven new tracks appearing on the record. The video consisted of a fairly straightforward montage of the band performing on a moodily lit stage.

  6. Organ - Wikipedia

    Organ, a 1996 Japanese film about organ thieves; The Organ, a 1965 Slovak film; Periodicals. Organ, any official periodical (i.e., magazine, newsletter, or similar publication) of an organization; Organ, a UK music magazine run by Organart; The Organ, an underground newspaper published in San Francisco

  7. Manual (music) - Wikipedia

    A typical, full-size organ manual consists of five octaves, or 61 keys. Piano keyboards, by contrast, normally have 88 keys; some electric pianos and digital pianos have fewer keys, such as 61 or 73 keys.

  8. Wikipedia:WikiProject PipeOrgan - Wikipedia

    The history and mechanics of the pipe organ; Organists; Organ repertoire; Article on specific organs, historic or other; Related projects. Wikipedia:WikiProject Musical Instruments; Wikipedia:WikiProject Classical music; Aims Articles. This is a list of the major articles for this project. A full list of articles can be found here. Assessment

  9. George Wright (organist) - Wikipedia

    During his long career, George Wright played a key role in reviving interest in theater organ music. He recorded more than 60 albums. Wright was the first act signed to Richard Vaughn's HIFI Records and recorded 20 albums as their featured organist in the late 1950s before switching to Dot Records in 1963.

  10. In music, organ is a word that can mean several kinds of musical instruments. The word comes from the Greek ὄργανον organon , which means " organ ", " instrument ", or " tool ". Most organs are played using keyboards , one or more of which may be played using the feet .

  11. The most famous organ music - YouTube

    The most famous organ music