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  1. List of compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_compositions_by

    May 01, 2021 · Mozart's concertos for piano and orchestra are numbered from 1 to 27. The first four numbered concertos are early works. The movements of these concertos are arrangements of keyboard sonatas by various contemporary composers (Raupach, Honauer, Schobert, Eckart, C. P. E. Bach).

  2. List of solo piano compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart › wiki › List_of_solo_piano

    Apr 20, 2021 · List of solo piano compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Jump to ... music by Antoine-Laurent ... Andante in F for a Small Mechanical Organ, K. 616 (1791)

  3. List of organ composers - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_organ_composers

    Apr 30, 2021 · A Directory of Composers for Organ by Dr. John Henderson, Hon. Librarian to the Royal School of Church Music, 2005, 3rd edition. ISBN 0-9528050-2-2 Eleanor Selfridge-Field, Venetian Instrumental Music, from Gabrieli to Vivaldi.

  4. Organ Sonatas (Bach) - Wikipedia › wiki › Organ_Sonatas_(Bach)

    Apr 29, 2021 · The collection was put together in Leipzig in the late 1720s and contained reworkings of prior compositions by Bach from earlier cantatas, organ works and chamber music as well as some newly composed movements. The sixth sonata, BWV 530, is the only one for which all three movements were specially composed for the collection.

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  6. List of compositions by Anton Bruckner - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_compositions_by

    May 01, 2021 · Bruckner's chamber music includes one theme and variations and six scherzos for string quartet, one string quartet with alternative rondo, one string quintet with additional intermezzo, one duo for violin and piano, and about 50 small piano works. Other instrumental music includes a few organ works, of which some are of doubtful authorship, and ...

  7. List of compositions by Benjamin Britten - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_compositions_by

    Apr 29, 2021 · The Building of the House for chorus or organ or brass and orchestra (1967) Children's Crusade for nine boy soloists and chorus, percussion, organ and two pianos (text by Bertolt Brecht, trans. Hans Keller; 1968) Sacred and Profane for SSATB (1974–5) Chamber/instrumental Solo piano. Five Waltzes, for piano (1923–25, rev. 1969)

  8. List of compositions by Dmitri Shostakovich - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_compositions_by

    Apr 24, 2021 · Music to the film The Gadfly, based on the novel by Voynich: Orchestra 1955 Fashioned with the composer's approval into The Gadfly Suite, Op. 97a by Levon Atovmyan. 98 Five Romances on Verses by Yevgeny Dolmatovsky Bass and piano 1954 99 Music to the film The First Echelon: Orchestra 1955-1956 100 Spanish Songs (Mezzo)soprano and piano 1956 101

  9. Derek Healey, Composer

    Apr 25, 2021 · He has written works in most genres, having had some fifty works published in the UK, Canada and the USA. His earlier neo-classic style gave way to atonal and aleatoric influences in the 1960's, and from Healey's arrival in North America in 1969, ethnic music became increasingly important.

  10. Apr 21, 2021 · Abram Bezuijen, Organ Recordings of Instrumental Works: Gabriel Bianco, Guitar Recordings of Instrumental Works: Jeffrey Biegel, Piano Recordings of Instrumental Works: Tobias Bigger, Piano Recordings of Instrumental Works: Jonathan Biggers, Organ Review: “Bach on the Fritts!” E. Power Biggs, Organ, Pedal Harpsichord

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