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    • 1. a word opposite in meaning to another (e.g. bad and good): "the antonym of “inclusion” is “exclusion”"
  2. noun cause, basis noun beginning, inception noun family, heritage synonyms for origin Compare Synonyms ancestor ancestry connection element influence motive provenance root source agent antecedent author base causality causation creator derivation determinant egg embryo fountain generator germ impulse inception inducement inspiration mainspring

  3. Antonyms for Origin 684 opposites of origin - words and phrases with opposite meaning Lists synonyms antonyms definitions sentences thesaurus words phrases idioms Parts of speech nouns Tags effect beginning cause suggest new end n. # effect , base outcome n. # effect conclusion n. # start , effect destination consequence n. # cause , result result

  4. plural of origin 1 as in sources a point or place at which something is invented or provided the origins of human language remain a matter of considerable debate Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance sources roots cradles beginnings fountains fonts wellsprings springs geneses wells fountainheads commencements inceptions seedbeds starts incipiencies

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  6. Origin antonyms What is the opposite word for Origin? end beginning, family conclusion beginning, family outcome beginning, cause termination beginning, family result beginning, cause death cause, family effect family, cause consequence cause outgrowth finish issue goal completion finale ending destiny close stop exit child posterity progeny seed

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