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  1. Nearly everybody can communicate, and most do so through some form of language, and yet the question of where language came from is one of the most difficult...

    • Aug 14, 2018
    • 289.7K
    • TEDx Talks
  2. Origins of Language (3m 29s) tv-pg . ... A cable provider TV Package* is required to watch video. *Unavailable through internet-only or phone plans. Frequently Asked Questions.

    • 3 min
  3. Voiceover: Over time, Bob learns to speak Alice's language, allowing them to use the same oral language to communicate shared concepts and ideas. This gives them an idea, the root of a more powerful written language. It starts with something very simple, writing her name. She disassociates the sound from the picture.

    • 7 min
    • Brit Cruise
  4. This original language is most closely related to modern Hebrew and is believed to be the origin of most modern human dialects. Transcript for: "The Origin of Language" Slide #1 SHaLoM. I’m James D. Long. My wife Carol did the technical work behind this presentation.. We are the publishers of The Origin of Speeches at Lightcatcher Books.

    • 3.2K
    • Edenics
  5. Speaking in Tongues: The History of Langauge - Episode # 1 - Let There Be Words preview. What precisely is language, and how did humans acquire it? In an ef...

    • Feb 28, 2009
    • 195.2K
    • Christene Browne
  6. Discover hundreds of never-before-seen resources! Create your free account at and start learning in the most entertaining way.Wh...

    • 37.6K
    • Happy Learning English
  7. Have you ever wondered why English has so many words? Or why the spellings are so inconsistent and crazy? Well this video explains how English evolved over 5...

    • 37.7K
    • Love English with Leila & Sabrah
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