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    Wild rice
    /ˌwīld ˈrīs/


    • 1. a tall aquatic North American grass related to rice, with edible grains.

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  3. Sep 13, 2023 · September 13, 2023. Wild rice is a unique and nutritious grain that has a rich history dating back centuries. Its origins can be traced to the wetlands of North America where it grows naturally. There are several species of wild rice, each with its distinct characteristics and cultural significance.

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    The grain was historically and is still gathered and eaten in North America and, to a lesser extent, China, [2] where the plant's stem is used as a vegetable. Wild rice is not directly related to domesticated rice ( Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima ), although both belong to the same botanical tribe Oryzeae. [3]

  5. Despite their name, the plants are not related to true rice ( Oryza sativa ). Wild rice grows naturally in shallow freshwater marshes and along the shores of streams and lakes, and the three North American species have long been an important food of Native American peoples.

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  6. Aug 10, 2019 · Rice rained down obediently into the canoe as they moved forward, his poles tapping out a click-click-click rhythm born of years of repetition. Wild rice is one of the only grains native to...

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  7. Oct 3, 2012 · Whole-genome sequences of wild rice and cultivated rice varieties are used to produce a map of rice genome variation, and show that rice was probably first domesticated in southern China.

  8. Life History. Wild rice is an annual plant that cross-pollinates, meaning the male and female flowers are separate and pollen must be transferred from one to the other. The female flowers on a cluster usually emerge before the males and are then pollinated by the male flowers from other clusters.

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