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    Pyroxene triangle nomenclature of the sodium pyroxenes. A typical pyroxene has mostly silicon in the tetrahedral site and predominately ions with a charge of +2 in both the X and Y sites, giving the approximate formula XYT2O6. The names of the common calcium–iron–magnesium pyroxenes are defined in the 'pyroxene quadrilateral'.

  2. It is an achondrite meteorite from Mars. Orthopyroxenite is an ultramafic and ultrabasic rock that is almost exclusively made from the mineral orthopyroxene, the orthorhombic version of pyroxene and a type of pyroxenite. It can have up to a few percent of olivine and clinopyroxene .

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  4. orthopyroxene, any of a series of common silicate minerals in the pyroxene family. Orthopyroxenes typically occur as fibrous or lamellar (thin-plated) green masses in igneous and metamorphic rocks and in meteorites. These minerals differ in the ratio of magnesium to iron in the crystal structure; their composition ranges from pure magnesium silicate (MgSiO3) to pure ferrous iron silicate ...

  5. Orthopyroxene occurs mostly as small grains in the sample matrix and as inclusions and exsolution lamellae in clinopyroxene, but several large exsolved orthopyroxenes are observed in samples 119-17 and 119-19 (Figure 13.2B ). Only in sample 119-19 (garnet orthopyroxenite) is Opx a major constituent and coarse grained.

  6. Orthopyroxene - XYZ2O6. Optical properties: • Colour and Pleochroism: Colourless. • Form: crystals form stubby prisms elongate along the c-axis, basal sections are 4 or 8 sided and show two cleavages at 90°. • Cleavage: typical pyroxene cleavages parallel to {110}, which intersect at ~90°. • Twinning: simple and lamellar twins and ...

  7. Boninit memiliki ciri. Kandungan magnesium tinggi (MgO = 8-15%) Kandungan titanium rendah (TiO 2 < 0.5%) Kandungan silika 57 - 60%. Tinggi akan Mg/ (Mg + Fe) (0.55-0.83) Unsur-unsur kompatibel mantel normal Ni = 70-450 parts per million, Cr = 200-1800 ppm. Ba, Sr, LREE yang tinggi dibanding dengan toleit.

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