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  1. Jun 19, 2024 · Welcome to this online guide on how to reference correctly using the OSCOLA (Oxford University Standard for Citation Of Legal Authorities) referencing style. If you are new to the OSCOLA style of referencing, start with the basics tabs for tips on getting started. Book a Librarian appointment.

    • Journal Articles

      Online articles. To cite a print journal use the following...

    • Statutes

      Like UK Parliament statutes, Acts of the Scottish Parliament...

    • The Basics

      The OSCOLA style is a footnote referencing system. This...

  2. Jun 19, 2024 · The OSCOLA style is a footnote referencing system. This means it consists of three elements. Citation - When you acknowledge a source in the text, you place a footnote marker 1 at the end of the relevant sentence. If you have several references in close together, the number can be placed at the end of the relevant phrase or word.

    • Katherine Jones
    • 2018
  3. Jun 19, 2024 · Online articles. To cite a print journal use the following format: Author, │’title’ │ [year] │journal name or abbreviation │first page of article. [OR] Author, │’title’ │ (year) │volume │journal name or abbreviation │first page of article. Use [ ] if the date of publication is needed to find the article eg. there is no ...

    • Katherine Jones
    • 2018
  4. Jul 5, 2024 · As far as possible, the guidelines in OSCOLA are based on common practice in UK legal citation, but with a minimum of punctuation. When citing materials not mentioned in OSCOLA, use the general principles in OSCOLA as a guide, and try to maintain consistency. The following provide examples of how you reference secondary sources.

  5. Jul 3, 2024 · OSCOLA is a guide to referencing key United Kingdom legal materials including primary sources (legislation and case law), and secondary sources (books and articles). OSCOLA is not a guide to academic or legal writing, nor is it a guide to writing law essays or dissertations.

  6. Jul 3, 2024 · This guide provides students with a brief introduction to OSCOLA, with examples of the most commonly use source-types. All Law students within DBS are required to use the OSCOLA referencing format in their assignments. Cite them Right: The Essential Referencing Guide by Richard Pears. Call Number: 808.027. ISBN: 9781350933477.

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  8. Jul 3, 2024 · Referencing is a standard method of acknowledging the sources of information you have consulted in compiling your assignment or exam. Anything – words, figures, graphs, theories, ideas, facts, images – originating from another source and used in your assignment or exam must be referenced (i.e. acknowledged). In your assignment or exam you ...

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