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  1. Apr 14, 2011 · Otto Warburg was a pioneering biochemistry researcher who made substantial contributions to our early understanding of cancer metabolism. Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology...

    • Willem H. Koppenol, Patricia L. Bounds, Chi V. Dang
    • 2011
  2. The hypothesis was postulated by the Nobel laureate Otto Heinrich Warburg in 1924. He hypothesized that cancer , malignant growth, and tumor growth are caused by the fact that tumor cells mainly generate energy (as e.g., adenosine triphosphate / ATP) by non-oxidative breakdown of glucose (a process called glycolysis ).

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  4. Warburg investigated the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells, and in 1931 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology for his "discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme". [1] In particular, he discovered that animal tumors produce large quantities of lactic acid. [6]

  5. Jun 4, 2021 · The WWII-era scientist who revolutionized cancer research—despite the Nazis In his new book, 'Ravenous,' Johns Hopkins faculty member Sam Apple explains how Nobel laureate Otto Warburg's once disregarded cancer metabolism research has undergone a major resurgence Christopher Johnston / Jun 4, 2021

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  6. Around the 1920s, Otto Heinrich Warburg and his group concluded that deprivation of glucose and oxygen in tumor cells leads to a lack of energy, resulting in cell death. Biochemist Herbert Grace Crabtree further extended Warburg's research by discovering environmental or genetic influences.

  7. Mar 8, 2016 · Background The work of Otto Heinrich Warburg has been having a profound influence on the way we think about tumor metabolism.

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