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    The University of Greifswald was founded on 17 October 1456 with the approval of the Holy Roman Empire and the Pope.This was possible due to the great commitment of Greifswald's lord mayor, Heinrich Rubenow, who was also to become the university's first rector, with the support of Duke Wartislaw IX of Pomerania and Bishop Henning Iven of the local St Nicolas' Cathedral.

    • "Wissen lockt. Seit 1456" ("The Draw of Knowledge. Since 1456")
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    In 1109 Wartislaw was defeated in the Battle of Nakło by Bolesław III Wrymouth, the Duke of Poland, to whom he became a vassal sometime between 1120 and 1123. He agreed to pay tribute to Bolesław, as well as to Christianize Pomerania. To that effect, he, along with Bolesław, backed Otto of Bamberg in his successful Conversion of Pomerania.

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    Prince Aleksander Danilovich Menshikov (Алекса́ндр Дани́лович Ме́ншиков; –) was a Russian statesman, whose official titles included Generalissimus, Prince of the Russian Empire and Duke of Izhora (Duke of Ingria), Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Duke of Cosel.

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    Otto of Bamberg returned on 19 April [28][24] this time invited by duke Wartislaw I himself, aided by the emperor Holy Roman Emperor Post-Christendom IIto convert the Slavs 2nd Edition Western Pomerania just incorporated into the Pomeranian duchy, and to strengthen the Christian faith of the

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  9. Most sources cite one Otto I Gf von Scheyern (d

    4.4.Marie (Weimar 15 Dec 1515-Wolgast 7 Jan 1583, bur there); m.Torgau 27 Feb 1536 Duke Philipp I of Pomerania (d.1560) 4.5.Margarete (Zwickau 25 Mar 1518-Weimar 10 Mar 1535, bur Oberweimar) 5.Wolfgang (ca 1473-Torgau ca 1478, bur there)

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    Otto was highly unpopular due, in part, to his autocratic rule and failure to create a dynasty, and was deposed in 1862. -1833: Johannes Brahms, German composer, was born. -1915 A German submarine sank the British liner Lusitania; an act that contributed to the entry of the United States into World War I.

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