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  1. Otto Krueger Stats | › players › k

    More Otto Krueger Pages at Baseball Reference. ... > Otto Krueger Statistics and History. ... , MLB Rookie of the Year, Rawlings Gold Gloves, 2021 HOF results , 2022 ...

    • 1.7 Meter
    • September 17, 1876
    • 74 kg
  2. Set Match - › setmatch › setmatchdetail


  3. Otto Krueger - BR Bullpen - › bullpen › Otto_Krueger

    Otto Krueger played in the majors from 1899-1905 and in the minors through at least 1912. He played 193 games in the majors at third base and 193 at shortstop. He played 193 games in the majors at third base and 193 at shortstop.

  4. Baseball Glove (4) Baseball Player (4) Baseball Team (4) Basketball (4) Bathroom (4) Beer ... Stars: Tim Holt, Bonita Granville, Kent Smith, Otto Kruger. Votes: 805 ...

    • (346.8K)
  5. REA Spring 2021 - Robert Edward Auctions › lots › gallery

    Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941) (720) ... 1909-1911 T206 White Border Otto Kruger PSA NM 7. Bids: 31 ... 1909-1911 T206 White Border John McGraw Glove at Hip PSA EX ...

  6. Old Cardboard: Vintage Baseball Cards › t › t206

    Otto Knabe (253) Jack Knight (Portrait) (254) Jack Knight (With Bat) (255) Ed Konetchy (Glove Above Head) (256) Ed Konetchy (Glove Near Ground) (257) Harry Krause (Pitching) (258) Harry Krause (Portrait) (259) Rube Kroh (260) Otto Kruger (Krueger) (261) James Lafitte (262) Nap Lajoie (Portrait) (263) Nap Lajoie (Throwing) (264) Nap Lajoie (With ...

  7. Take me out to the ball game: Athlete Biopics | Comet Over ... › 2011/08/30 › take-me-out-to

    Aug 30, 2011 · Sullivan is one of the most famous boxers and was the first heavyweight champion of gloved boxing in 1881 and 1882. The film about his life stars Greg McClure in the title role, Linda Darnell and Otto Kruger. Appearance: These two men couldn’t look any different. Sullivan looks gruff, mean and like someone I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark ...

  8. List of American films of 1942 - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_American_films_of_1942

    A list of American films released in 1942. Bob Hope hosted the 15th Academy Awards ceremony at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The winner of the Outstanding Motion Picture (later: Best Picture) category was MGM's Mrs. Miniver.

  9. T206 -- The Leading Source For T206 › page › price_list1

    252. Otto Knabe: $25: 253. Jack Knight (Portrait) $25: 254. Jack Knight (With Bat) $25: 255. Ed Konetchy (Glove Above Head) $25: 256. Ed Konetchy (Glove Near Ground) $25: 257. Harry Krause (Pitching) $25: 258. Harry Krause (Portrait) $25: 259. Rube Kroh: $25: 260. Otto Kruger (Krueger) $25: 261. James Lafitte: $50: 262. Nap Lajoie (Portrait ...

  10. T206 for Dummies: An Overview of the Popular Set | Pre-War Cards › 2017/01/06 › t206-set-checklist
    • T206 Overview
    • Honus Wagner and The Big Four
    • Hall of Famers
    • Southern Leaguers
    • Print Errors
    • T206 Or Nah?
    • Be Wary of Autographs
    • Picture Snafu?
    • Back Stamps
    • Other Resources

    Other sets may be more scarce but in terms of overall popularity, the T206 white border set remains the king of pre-war baseball card sets and is often heralded as the top release of all time. Perhaps it’s the elusive Honus Wagner card or the others in the ‘Big Four.’ Perhaps it’s the massive size. Or maybe it’s the beauty of the artwork. Possibly, it’s the various back advertisements. Likely, it’s a combination of all of those factors that has made it so popular among collectors. This article isn’t meant to be a be all/end all of the T206 set by any means. Many more exhaustive resources have been developed. Instead, I hope to give collectors who know little about the set a bit more background information – hence the name, ‘T206 for Dummies.’

    The biggest reason the set is nearly impossible to complete is that aforementioned ‘Big Four’ – the Wagner, Sherry Magie (spelling error – his actual name was Magee), Eddie Plank, and Joe Doyle Nat’l. The Wagner, selling for six or seven figures depending on condition, is the most expensive trading card of all time. It is famous because it was apparently printed before Wagner’s approval could be given and only a few copies made it into the public. No one really knows why Wagner wouldn’t want to be included in the set. Some collectors believe he was against his image being used to help sell tobacco. Others think he wanted more money. But no absolute proof has ever been fully confirmed. An example of Wagner’s card sold for more than $3 million in 2016. While there are many reprints and fakes of the card, it is extremely difficult to find. The Plank is an ultra rare card of a pre-war era superstar with somewhere around 100 copies in existence by many accounts. The Magie likely has only...

    Even collectors willing to settle on a 518-card or 520-card ‘set’ can find that to be a difficult challenge. Much of the reason the set is so difficult to complete is the sheer volume of not only cards, but big names. Many of those big names have multiple cards, too. Below is a list of only Hall of Famers (in alphabetical order) with more than one card in the T206 set.

    It’s not only Hall of Famers that T206 collectors are after. Players from the old Southern League weren’t printed in the same large quantities that other cards were and, as a result, are harder to find. Yet another problem with completing the T206 set is the large number of these cards. There are nearly 50 of them in the release and there are so many of them here that some collectors focus entirely on these. Southern Leaguers are found with two different advertising backs – Piedmont and Old Mill. The Old Mill backs are the more difficult to find and the more valuable. Among the Southern League cards, the card of a player named Shag Shaughnessy is the most sought after.

    Several print variations/errors are known in the set as well. These fluctuate in value, depending on the nature of the error. Cards with drastic miscuts and printing violations are often highly desirable. And in some cases, the print error can be small but still valuable. Some cards have print flaws that occurred as the result of broken printing plates or printing plate issues, causing parts of certain letters in font to be changed. A few of these types of cards exist and they are still being discovered to this day. One of the newer ones involves the word ‘Chicago’ mistakenly appearing as ‘Chicaco’due to a print plate error on the card of Jeff Pfeffer. This card, like others, is quite desirable and can fetch a lot of money. There are some print errors related to pictures, too. One of those is a scarce version of Hall of Famer Joe Tinker, who has traces of ‘Chicago’ in the background of his Cubs jersey. While these variations may be relatively minor to collectors unfamiliar with the...

    A couple of other backs are also worth noting. One of the three Coupon Cigarettes types are practically identical to T206 cardsand many feel they should be categorized as T206 issues. However, they remain a separate issue as cataloged by Jefferson Burdick in the American Card Catalog. Some cards have been found with blank backs. In addition, a small group of Ty Cobb cards have been found with a special Ty Cobb advertising back. Neither is formally recognized by all T206 collectors as T206 backs. Some, but not all, collectors regard the Ty Cobb cards with Ty Cobb backs as T206 cards. And the blank-backed cards are generally hand cut and believed to be scraps or unfinished cards – not cards actually distributed in tobacco products.

    While T206 autographs are known to exist, a significant amount of forgeries was uncovered in 2018. These cards were authenticated by the leading authenticators in the business, which was cause for alarm. Collectors seeking autographed cards should be careful when considering signed T206 cards.

    With 524 cards in the entire set, some picture issues were likely. One of those that has been mentioned before is the strange Bill Burns card. Burns is known for his role in the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal involving the throwing of the World Series. He was a middleman of sorts between the players and gambler Arnold Rothstein. But his card shows him apparently wearing the wrong glove on his non-throwing hand. While the picture looks odd, one potential explanation is that he is wearing an ambidextrous glove as he was known to be ambidextrous. You can read more on that interesting story here.

    The T206 cards are also popular for their wide variety of stamped editions. These types of collector-added markings typically damage cards and make them less valuable. However, many collectors have taken to them and not only do many of these types of stamps not generally hurt low-grade cards, some even add to their value. A few of these include cards that have been stamped by notable collectors, such as author of the American Card Catalog, Jefferson Burdick. Some are also believed to have been stamped by famous author F. Scott Fitzgerald. These types of stamps aren’t only found on T206 issues and can be seen on many different pre-war cards. However, they are quite prominent on T206 cards as those are among the most heavily printed. Here’s a deeper dive into all of the various types of the T206 back stamps.

    Interested in more on the T206 set? Check out and also be sure to check out Scot Reader’s excellent digital T206 book.

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