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  1. 6 days ago · The Ottoman Empire ( / ˈɒtəmən /; Ottoman Turkish: دولت عليه عثمانيه Devlet-i ʿAlīye-i ʿO s mānīye, lit. 'The Sublime Ottoman State'; Turkish: Osmanlı İmparatorluğu or Osmanlı Devleti; French: Empire ottoman) was an empire that controlled much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa between the 14th ...

    • 2300-1400 BC
    • Ottoman
  2. May 04, 2022 · The Ottoman Empire was one of the world's longest enduring empires, ruling over three continents for more than six centuries from the late medieval era to the early 20th century. What we know as the Middle East today was almost entirely ruled by the Ottoman Empire until the creation of a nation-state system in the region in the aftermath of World War I.

    • Vandy Evermon
    • 2012
  3. May 09, 2022 · The sultans of the Ottoman Empire ( Turkish: Osmanlı padişahları ), who were all members of the Ottoman dynasty (House of Osman), ruled over the transcontinental empire from its perceived inception in 1299 to its dissolution in 1922. At its height, the Ottoman Empire spanned an area from Hungary in the north to Yemen in the south and from ...

    Reigned From
    Reigned Until
    Osman I ĠĀZĪ (the Warrior)
    c. 1299
    c. 1326
    Orhan ĠĀZĪ (the Warrior)
    c. 1326
    Murad I SULTÂN-I ÂZAM (the Most Exalted ...
    Bayezid I SULTÂN-I RÛM (Sultan of Rome) ...
    • c. 1299
    • Mehmed VI (1918–1922)
  4. Rise of nationalism in the Ottoman Empire Background. In the Ottoman Empire, the Islamic faith was the official religion, with members holding all rights, as... Albanians. The 1877–78 Russo-Turkish War dealt a decisive blow to Ottoman power in the Balkan Peninsula, leaving the... Arabs. Soldiers of ...

  5. May 12, 2022 · Treaty between Her Majesty, the Emperor of Austria, and the Emperor of the French...signed at Paris, April 15, 1856 Treaty of Alliance Between Germany and Turkey 2 August, 1914 more... Uysal - Walker Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative more... Book Sources: Ottoman Empire A selection of books/e-books available in Trible Library.

  6. May 13, 2022 · Ottoman Empire Vast state founded in the late 13th cent. by Turkish tribes in Anatolia and ruled by the descendants of Osman I until its dissolution in 1918. Modern Turkey formed only part of the empire, but the terms "Turkey" and "Ottoman Empire" were often used interchangeably. Library of Ottoman Studies

  7. May 07, 2022 · "The Ottoman Empire's Place in World History (Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East)". The Ottoman State and Its Place in World History. Vol. 11. Leiden: Brill Publications. ISBN 9789004039452. OCLC 1318483. Peirce, Leslie P., ed. (1993). The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire. New York: Oxford ...

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