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    Ovis dalli dalli, en Alaska et au Canada dans le Nord de l'aire de répartition de l'espèce. Ovis dalli stonei, au Canada, dans le Sud de l'aire de répartition de l'espèce. 6/ Le mouflon canadien (54 chromosomes), ou Ovis canadensis (Ouest de l'Amérique du Nord, du Canada au Mexique).

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    La pecora (Ovis aries Linnaeus, 1758) è un mammifero della famiglia dei Bovidae. Gregge di pecore ad Annot , nella Provenza ( Francia ). Si tratta di un animale addomesticato in epoca antichissima, diffuso attualmente in ogni continente .

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    The lowland anoa (Bubalus depressicornis) is a small bovid, standing barely over 90 cm (35 in) at the shoulder. It is usually solitary, living in lowland forests, browsing on plants and understory.

  4. Carneiro-selvagem-do-deserto (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) Além disso, há atualmente duas populações nos Estados Unidos em perigo de extinção: [3] Carneiro-da-sierra-nevada (Ovis canadensis sierrae), reconhecido como uma subespécie única; Bighorn-peninsular, um segmento da população de Bighorn do Deserto distinta (Ovis canadensis nelsoni).

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    The Bali cattle are one of the few species of true cattle that did not descend from the extinct aurochs. Their domestication occurred around 3500 BC, originating from banteng. Bali cattle have been introduced to East Timor, Java, Malaysia and Australia as livestock, and account for about one fourth of the total cattle population of Indonesia.

  6. Port-aux-Français est une station technique et scientifique des îles Kerguelen et actuellement le seul établissement permanent de l'archipel. Elle a été créée en 1950 avec l'édification de laboratoires scientifiques, des installations techniques et logistiques, ainsi qu'un petit hôpital.

  7. For example, domestic sheep were created by hybridisation, and no longer produce viable offspring with Ovis orientalis, one species from which they are descended. [38] Domestic cattle , on the other hand, can be considered the same species as several varieties of wild ox , gaur , yak , etc., as they readily produce fertile offspring with them.

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