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  1. Oxford spelling (also Oxford English Dictionary spelling, Oxford style, or Oxford English spelling) is a spelling standard that prescribes the use of British spelling in combination with the suffix -ize in words like realize and organization, in contrast to use of -ise endings.

  2. Synonyms word word. term; phrase; expression; idiom; These are all words for a unit of language used to express something. word a single unit of language that means something and can be spoken or written:

  3. Jun 20, 2022 · Kyle Harper, “Landed Wealth in the Long Term: Patterns, Possibilities, Evidence,” in Ownership and Exploitation of Land and Natural Resources in the Roman World, ed. Paul Erdkamp, Koenraad Verboven, and Arjan Zuiderhoek (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), 43–61 collects the evidence on ultra-large fortunes and shows that their size ...

  4. Outside Germanic the same Indo-European base is probably shown by classical Latin lubet (also libet ) it is pleasing, lubīdō (also libīdō ) desire, Old Church Slavonic ljubiti to love, ljubŭ dear, ljuby (genitive ljubŭve ) love, Old Russian ljubiti to love (Russian ljubit′ ), ljub′′ dear (Russian ljub ), ljuby (genitive ljub′′ve ) love (Russian ljubov′ ), Sanskrit lubh- to be ...

  5. Welcome to Oxford Research Encyclopedias. Current, peer-reviewed trustworthy research, read in 30 minutes or less across 25 encyclopedias. Includes the Encyclopedia of Social Work and the Oxford Classical Dictionary; Have questions about how to use the redesigned website? Check out What's Changed. Learn more. News

  6. Oxford Classical Dictionary, Oxford Research Encyclopedias, Oxford Handbooks, Oxford Bibliographies, Literature, Linguistics, Classical Studies, Cinema and Media Studies : Julia Steer: Social & Behavioral Sciences

  7. Definition of temple noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

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