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  1. Jun 02, 2022 · What are some oxymoron examples? Oxymorons are common in everyday speech. “Awfully good,” “bittersweet,” “same difference,” and “original copy” are a few oxymoron examples. What is the difference between “oxymoron” and “paradox?” Oxymorons combine contradictory words, but paradoxes combine contradictory ideas.

  2. Jul 22, 2019 · One oxymoron example is "deafening silence," which describes a silence that is so overpowering it almost feels deafening, or extremely loud—just as an actual sound would. Oxymorons are often used in everyday conversation and in a breadth of writing, such as literature, poetry, and songwriting.

  3. Aug 06, 2022 · Oxymoron Examples in Literature Some of the longest-lasting oxymorons were generated by Shakespeare in his plays and are still widely used today. But Shakespeare isn’t the only oxymoron guru. In fact, many modern authors are coming up with their own as well, for example: Sweet sorrow (Shakespeare, 1597) Misshapen chaos (Shakespeare…again)

  4. Jun 27, 2012 · Here is a comprehensive list of 64 examples of oxymorons in sentences. In each example, the oxymoron is underlined. Examples of Oxymorons in Sentences This is another fine mess you have got us into. There is a real love hate relationship developing between the two of them. Suddenly the room filled with a deafening silence.

  5. This classic example of an oxymoron shows how pain can be pleasant when love is surrounding it. Later in the play, he also says, “Why, then, o brawling love, o loving hate! O anything, of nothing first create,” which has several oxymorons woven throughout for dramatic effect. 3. “Lancelot and Elaine” by Alfred Lord Tennyson

  6. Apr 22, 2021 · Oxymoron examples in pop culture. “Alone Together”: Song by Fall Out Boy. Definitely, Maybe: 2008 film. Night of the Living Dead: 1968 film. “The Sound of Silence”: Song by Simon ...

  7. Here are some examples of oxymoron that may be found in everyday expression: Only choice Same difference Friendly fire Virtual reality Controlled chaos Freezer burn Silent scream Terribly good Wise fool Close distance Stiff drink Black light Clearly confused Genuine fake Living history Exact estimate Quiet roar Student teacher Passive aggressive

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