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    Ten years following the Battle of Breach, the Jaeger Program was reinstated as a functional organization. In the absence of the Kaiju, the Jaeger Program and the Jaegers governed by the organization was refitted into a \\"global defense force\\". As a result, Jaegers were no longer built to protect or represent any given country. Fully militarized, Jaegers began acting as border patrol for cities around the Pacific Rim, enforcing the law of the PPDC where violations are made.

    One of the design tenants put forth by Guillermo del Toro in Pacific Rim was the emphasis of weight and scale of the Jaegers. del Toro, who was involved in every aspect of the Jeagers, placed emphasis on designing the them with a level of realism that would show how they would impact the surrounding environment.Industrial Light and Magic's Hal Hickel and Alex Jaeger relayed that conveying the speed of the 250 foot tall machines with various moving parts in their design required camera tricker...

    1. According to Steven S. DeKnight, \\"Battle Witch\\" was one of several rejected Jaeger names considered.

  2. Pacific Rim Uprising Jaeger Guide: The 7 New Mechs Detailed › pacific-rim-uprising-jaegers-guide

    Oct 06, 2017 · Pacific Rim Uprising director Steven S. DeKnight offers more details on the seven (Update: we've added info on the Obsidian Fury) new Jaegers fans will see in the sequel to Guillermo del Toro's original sci-fi epic.

  3. Jaegers Of ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ - AMC Theatres › amc-scene › jaegers-of-pacific

    Pacific Rim: Uprising takes place ten years after the first film, and technology has advanced in the world where giant robots protected people from an invasion of massive monsters from beneath the Earth’s crust. There’s a whole new suite of Jaegers protecting humanity, with weapons the last generation could only dream of.

  4. Category:Jaegers (Uprising) | Pacific Rim Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Category:Jaegers

    Jaegers (Uprising) Category page. View source. ... The following category refers to articles regarding the Jaegerss in Steven S. DeKnight's Pacific Rim: Uprising.

  5. Category:Jaegers | Pacific Rim Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Category:Jaegers

    Pacific Rim Uprising; Pacific Rim: The Black; Written Media. The Art and Making of; ... Jaegers (Pacific Rim) Category:Jaegers (The Black) Category:Jaegers (Uprising)

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  7. Drone Jaeger | Pacific Rim Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Drone_Jaeger

    Drone Jaegers are remote-controlled mechs designed by Shao Industries.[1] 1 History 1.1 Pacific Rim Uprising 1.1.1 Creation 1.1.2 Reemergence of the Kaiju 1.2 Pacific Rim: The Black 1.2.1 Uprising War 2 Features 3 Trivia 4 References Technologist Liwen Shao was motivated to design the Drone Jaegers out of apparent concern for the livelihood of the Jaeger pilots who entered the Conn-Pod to ...

  8. Jaegers are cool, Jaegers are powerful, so lets talk about them! This is the 10 most powerful Jaegers in Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim Uprising!#pacificrim #g...

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  10. HBO Asia - Pacific Rim Uprising | Facebook › HBOAsia › videos

    Your Jaeger name = your favourite colour + the name of your first pet Pacific Rim Uprising is now streaming on HBO Go.

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